Mayfair Information

Before we embark on the Tantric Massage Mayfair scene in London, let’s consider this impressive and super sumptuous area located in the West End of London, in the City of Westminster.  Mayfair is primarily commercial with corporate headquarters, embassies such as The United States Embassy and The Italian Embassy, as well as hedge funds and real estate agents. There are, however, a considerable amount of glamorous shops, exclusive restaurants and super plush properties, as well as London’s largest consolidation of luxury 5 Star Hotels, such as the magnificent Mayfair Hotel on Stratton Street, the very classy Claridge’s Hotel, the luxury Dorchester Hotel, The Washington Hotel and The Grosvenor House Hotel. These are just a few of the 5 Star London Hotels which our highly trained and fabulously friendly Tantric Massage Therapists frequent and have done for over 8 years now!

The ultra-exclusive area of Mayfair was named after the annual May Fair which took place on the site that is now Shepherd Market. It is strange to imagine Mayfair as mostly open fields before the development of Shepherd Market in 1686.

Mayfair Entertainment

For those lovers of art-house film, The Curzon Mayfair is super swish and London’s most stylish cinemas. It has one of the largest cinema screens in London and boasts a fantastic bar. The Dorchester’s late night live Piano bar is rather soothing and soulful and the buzzy ambience of Novikov’s Asian/Italian restaurant and lively bar is fiercely popular. For a quirky dining experience, Sketch is full of funky artwork and quality food.

Adult Entertainment Mayfair – Tantric Massage Mayfair

Naturally, Mayfair has many bars, casinos and gentlemen’s clubs on offer.  These clubs cater more for the ‘voyeur’ of striptease such as The Mayfair Club. However, during the past 8 years such gentlemen’s clubs have become less popular and have been replaced with the more intimate delights of tantric massage in Mayfair. This form of Massage intimacy does not entitle these gents to intercourse. On the contrary, the Masseuse is in complete control and purely offers sensual tantric body to body massage.  Considering that most Western-male conditioning has the male in a goal-orientated ‘giving sexual function’ the purpose of our Forever Tantric Mayfair Massage is to encourage the man to fully relax, surrender and receive full body massage pleasure.  The other principal purpose of this tantric massage pleasure, also termed Lingam Massage is not simply about achieving orgasm. Instead, a man can learn the art of mastering ejaculation and staying in control by being close to climax and then easing off from the stimulation. Eventually, mastering ejaculation will allow you to make love to your partner for as long as you wish and to become multi-orgasmic, thus, expanding your personal sex life.

Deeper Connection

The word tantra translates ‘to manifest, to show, to weave, to expand.’ Perhaps one of the most talked about benefits of our Tantric Massages in Mayfair is the fact that the female or male recipient of each Forever Tantric sensual Massage feels a deep sense of connection with their personal Masseuse, which is the consequence of lots of eye contact, breath syncing and affectionate, sensuous touch. Touch is crucial in this hectic world and we all benefit from having our bodies soothed with the healing power of touch. Our hands are the most powerful communicative tools – they can speak volumes with the subtlest of contact. After all, as babies, touch is our first and most primal means of reaching out to another human being. There is a reason that we all speak of ‘losing touch’ with friends.  When friends fizzle from our lives due to neglect, busy lives or circumstances we have lost our ability to be ‘physically’ near them and can no longer reach out and touch them. By allowing ourselves to be touched through tantric massage, intimacy is implicit. Our bodies are covered with skin – the largest sensory organ of the body!  What is more evocative of comfort than a big fuzzy, warm hug? The comfort of a hug through tantric massage in Mayfair is precisely what we offer as a company. We understand how deeply communicative it is and how desperately human beings crave it in the nature of this modern city – filled with people, shoulder to shoulder, completely detached from one another.

Touch is a human superpower and it makes us feel emotionally and physically comforted and less isolated in this rather large World.  Tantric Massage can form a physical, spiritual and intellectual bridge between partners – which is why we encourage the Couples London Massage. This sensuous massage also acts as a therapeutic tool, liberating people to their sexual truths and desires.

It’s interesting to note that this ‘hunger’ to be touched not only legitimized the medical profession but also led to the creation of the vibrator!

Add some warmth to your life with a perfectly Tantric Mayfair Massage. We are a call away to making you feel Alive and Revived. We are the Purveyors of Pleasure.

Heidi x

Mayfair Information
Fashionable, opulent and exclusive, Mayfair is in the West End bordering the endless greenery of leafy Hyde Park and situation between Piccadilly, Oxford Circus and the very prestigious Park Lane. Park Lane is prized for having some of the most luxurious Hotels such as The Dorchester, The Grosvenor House Hotel, The Four Seasons Hotel and the lush Intercontinental Park Lane. Other important buildings in Mayfair include The US Embassy, The Royal Academy of Arts and classy Claridge’s.

Mayfair is renowned to have some of London’s priciest properties, the most exclusive hotels, gourmet restaurants and private members’ clubs. In fact, this super smart neighbourhood was named after the annual May Fair which used to take place in what is now Shepherd Market.

Full of quintessential English charm, Mayfair is even introduced as the most expensive area on the English Monopoly Board.

Famous streets displaying designer fashion include Bond Street, the world-famous Saville Row (home to the world’s most renowned tailors), Burlington Arcade and Shepherd Market.