If I sat down at the keyboard and wrote about a fantasy girl I’d be hard put to it to describe one who was anywhere near a fantasy as Sasha.She arrived generously early, showered, and then came in, Spring-garden fresh, and dressed in a satin gown.

7 reasons why I adore her.

1. Sasha not only has a gorgeous, fit body but is secure about it enough that we were able to have a well-lit bedroom. (I’ve never known another masseuse to be that confident).

2.She let her long hair drape over me (unlike the majority of masseuses who tie their hair above their head to keep it out of the oil).

3.She has no piercings nor tattoos.

4.As Bertie Wooster put it – but she was outrageously uninhibited within her massage; actually animalistic – I believe the current vernacular is hot, hot, hot.

5.She was a very tasty sweet juicy masseuse.

6.I was delighted to discover that she actually takes university classes in English Literature. I love the idea that I have helped her through college.

7. I’m 79. No one in my life has ever compared to her. Hopefully my increasingly wobbly legs will permit me to see her again.Love.