The Best Nuru Massage Techniques

The Best Nuru Massage Techniques

For sensory stimulation of epic proportions a Nuru Massage should be your first choice. Using special slippery Nuru gel, your masseuse will use their entire nude body to relax and caress your naked form, heightening your senses in a way that only an all over touch can.

The very best Nuru massage techniques see your masseuse glide seamlessly and relentlessly across your body, covering every inch with their own, gradually building up your arousal and excitement through tantric touch. Two naked bodies moving in unison together in an erotic dance like no other.

It is vital to use a good quality Nuru gel for this type of massage and it often works best if your skin is damp to begin with, so a shower or bath beforehand is a good idea. Applying the gel liberally to both masseuse and recipient allows for the smoothest of sensual movement and the ultimate in body to body contact.

Here at Forever Tantric, the gel we use is full of nutrients and vitamins to leave your skin super soft and invigorated.

Your masseuse may use other popular Nuru massage techniques such as a full body glide from top to toe, as well as a scissor slide, pelvic grinding, circular and wave-like motions to relax and soothe your muscles. 

Deeper pressure can be created using their body weight and lighter sensations through hair sweeping and the use of different body parts to tickle and tease. 

The key is to create an all-over connection along every edge of your body to ensure the greatest possible physical contact, whether rubbing, stroking or sensually slipping over you in a slow teasing motion.

Your masseuse will gently caress your body with her own, using her limbs to grip and torso to tantalise, concentrating first on your back and then on your front for a unique and intoxicating sensory experience.

The most effective Nuru Massage uses the whole body for satisfaction, relieving pressure points and awakening the senses so you feel totally focused on each satisfying sensation. The Nuru Massage techniques can also boost circulation as the touch moves across the entire form, encouraging better blood flow. It also works as an effective stress reliever.

It is important to keep the room at a comfortably warm temperature so that the Nuru recipient can concentrate on feeling skin to skin contact rather than feeling chilly. Dimmed lighting and your favourite masseuse are also two vital ingredients for success.

Your first Nuru Massage will, no doubt, be enough to have you begging for more. And the more that you surrender to the enveloping feeling of being completely touched, the more enjoyment you will gain.

It is a celebration of the senses and Forever Tantric boasts five experienced and talented Nuru masseuses ready and waiting to take you to a blissful state of euphoria.


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