Difference Between Lingam Massage and a Happy Ending Massage

The Real Difference Between Lingam Massage and a Happy Ending Massage?

Some people still believe that Lingam massage is just a fancy name for a happy ending type massage. In fact nothing could be further from the truth, even though at first glance they might seem very similar. So what is the difference, and why should you try a massage for the Lingam instead of just an ordinary massage with a happy ending?

Lingam massage is an ancient Tantric tradition. ‘Lingam’ is the Sanskrit word for penis – it translates literally as ‘Wand of Light’. This is a reference to the incredible power to which a man has access through his own sexual energy – if he knows how to harness it. Simply searching for happy ending massage London might get you any number of results, but all of them will merely reinforce your conditioned response to sexual stimulus which is to become very goal oriented. Today’s society separates us from our sexual selves and identities, so this kind of response is normal, but there is another way.

Reconnecting with our sexual selves doesn’t just benefit us in the bedroom. The energies that your masseuse can help you harness can be taken forward into your everyday life, giving you greater confidence, awareness, and more restful sleep, as well as better and more fulfilling sex, and fuller, deeper orgasms. A simple happy ending might be pleasurable in the instant it occurs, but it can never help you truly take hold of your own sexual power. Every man who chooses the happy ending is missing out on the amazing benefits that he could reap if he were to search ‘Lingam massage London’ instead.

So what is a Lingam massage?

It is a style of Tantric massage, with a primary focus on the Lingam. Tantric massage is much slower and more measured than other types of massage, including the crudely named but accurate rub-and-tug. In Lingam and tantric massage, you are encouraged to let go of any kind of goal and simply allow yourself to passively experience every moment of the massage as it arises. You can aid this by concentrating on your breathing and surrendering control of your body to your masseuse. This will help you to relax, and focus your attention away from ejaculation as a goal.

One of the many benefits of this kind of massage is that it can help you take control of your own ejaculatory power. Your masseuse will bring you close to climax several times; she does this in order to build up your sexual energy. Life in modern society tend to cause energies like this to get ‘stuck’, and they must be released before they can be harnessed and used to their greatest effect. When she begins to massage your Lingam directly, you will find yourself on the edge of orgasm only to have your masseuse slow her movements and allow you to calm before gradually heightening your energy again. Acknowledge the sensations and allow yourself to fully experience each one without anticipating what is to come.

Many men who suffer from such afflictions as erectile dysfunction or premature ejaculation can benefit greatly from this type of massage. Putting too much emphasis on achieving orgasm – the ‘goal’ – can lead to anxiety, which can in turn lead to frustration, blame, and fear. An undesired result, whether that is a loss of erection or achieving orgasm too soon, can cause increased anxiety the next time leading to a self-fulfilling prophecy. This kind of massage seeks to help these men break that vicious cycle by encouraging them to shift their focus to the present rather than some anticipated future. This helps them to free themselves from the burden of expectation – both their own and that of any partners.

That said, many men do still experience ejaculation and orgasm during these massages. Thanks to the energies your masseuse has helped you to build up, if you do experience orgasm it will be one of the most powerful and satisfying you’ve ever had. You may find yourself unable to speak or move for quite a while afterwards; this is normal, so enjoy it. Once you’ve experienced an orgasm this intense, you will never search for ‘happy ending’ again.

So the answer to the question ‘what is the difference’ is simple. A happy ending massage is a single bright spot, but Lingam massage London can open up whole galaxies within you.

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