As the designer/creator of one of the first sensual massage London Services created, Forever Tantric has learnt a huge amount, as have our cherished clients. The main percentage of our clientele are intelligent gentlemen- businessmen living in or travelling to London, often over-worked and under-nourished by the crucial connection and bond of Human Touch. Some female clients utilise our Sensual Massage London Service, however, very few in comparison to gents.

Why is our Sensual Massage London Service more appealing to Gents?
Despite the fact women are becoming more experimental and liberated these days, their maternal instincts gradually take over their entire Being. To be honest, we believe the reason why men enjoy this super sensual massage art-form is because they severely lack human contact and the communicative superpower of Touch – so much more so than women. In this progressive modern, technological society, we are becoming more and more detached from one another on a human level which is truly tragic. In time, we will be pitifully seeking comfort from robots. Not an absurd prediction and a disturbing thought!

Women still tend to fulfil their craving for touch by ‘hugging friends and family’ or by ‘reaching out’ to their children, nurturing and comforting them whilst feeling the joy of human contact themselves. Men, on the other hand, are less expressive, more suppressed and generally, society expects them to be ‘manly’ – to disguise their true feelings, to have no such cravings for intimacy, touch and a deep level of human connection, especially when married or attached. I call this the ‘Cavemen without cuddles’ syndrome! It is such a prehistoric notion and extremely sad for many men who feel that they have to suppress their inner emotions and their biological need to connect with a human being through the power of touch. In this super suspicious society, men also have to be cautious about who they touch, how their ‘touch’ is perceived by others and whether their contact is perceived as ‘sexual’ or ‘safe.’ Having to constantly worry about this notion, would naturally cause a man to feel inhibited and fearful of reaching out for intimacy and human contact.

The Human Fear of Being Alone
There are many happily married folks out there, however, in my experience, far too many very unhappy couples exist who predominately stay together because they are fearful of being alone. Fear of appearing ‘worthless’ to friends and family and fear of losing their children. That’s the raw reality of Life at present and a sad reality. Certainly, I have witnessed these sad scenarios too often. Struck by Cupid, two lovers meet, fall madly in lust – not always love – and marry hastily. Why such haste? Could this purely be due to a fear of being alone or a fear of dying alone? In many cases, it is, in fact, a deep fear of not conforming to society ‘s expectations? Such insecurity leads the ‘bewildered herd’ into marriage for the sake of a crazy need to display to their friends and family that they are worthy of marriage, so they must be classified ‘normal.’ Other women who love and live with their partners but do not conform to societal pressure by having ‘the fairy tale Princess’ wedding are far savvier. This absurd need to waste enormous amounts of finance on a Princess style wedding – purely to prove a point to others and feel like a Barbie Doll for the day – is selfish and absurd.

I strongly believe there are too many negative factors as to why people marry so irrationally. I see the same pattern forming all the time. Once the Honeymoon stage is over and children are born, the female/wife often neglects to touch, connect or even hug her husband. As aforesaid, maternal feelings take over her entity, hence the husband/lover is pushed aside and very often feels neglected emotionally and physically. I am not entirely blaming women for this problem as maternal instinct is remarkably powerful. It is all-consuming. Often it is a case of unintentional neglect. Furthermore, the uncertainties and demands of modern living put huge constraints on relationships nowadays. There is also the case of the husband being ‘married to his work’ and often neglecting his family. So there is mutual blame for the breakdown of a marriage/relationship. Whatever the scenario, the majority of gentlemen and couples who utilise our Sensual Massage London Service clearly feel modern day pressures, thus, opt for escapism and comfort with a reputable sensual massage London Service. At Forever Tantric we offer a sanctuary of peace, the art of seductive touch and blissful escapism from this rather demanding modern world. Sensual Massage is liberating, essential and wonderfully uplifting. Pick one of our professionals and add some safe, sensual massage intimacy to your Life.

Heidi xx