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Four Hand Massage

4 Hands Massage in London

For When 2 Hands Are Not Enough!

Take your tantric massage experience two steps further and lavish yourself with the four hand massage, double indulgence, tantric massage experience. Two perfectly formed and beautiful masseuses caressing, soothing and massaging your tired torso in complete unison. Imagine – the pure bliss, the sweet, unadulterated pleasure. Two exquisitely mesmerizing masseuses paying attention to every part of your body, allowing your sensual energy to flow freely again, building you up to an incredibly intense and powerful ending. Their warm, healing hands releasing your tension, gently exploring your erogenous zones – your earlobes, the nape of your neck, your inner thighs and even your fingers and toes. Totally awaken your sensuality and allow your two personal masseuses to touch you with loving awareness and complete admiration. Allow your fantasy to become your reality with the unrivalled Forever Tantric 4-Hand London Massage – an experience you shall always treasure!

Massage Prices

Massage DurationPremium MasseuseElite Masseuse
1 hour£500£600
1.5 hours£700£800
2 hours£900£1100

Where Four Hands Are Better Than Two!

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