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One of our more mature masseuses, Lorena exudes experience and charm. Always looking for new people with which she can share her passion and enthusiasm for tantric massage, she's the perfect choice for the refined gentleman!

Lorena is one of our more mature masseuses. Classy and a fitness lover, she’s a lady who enjoys daily exercise sessions to keep her body in tip top condition. She has oodles of confidence borne out of her varied life experiences, and despite being a refined older lady, she has the taut and lithe body of a 25 year old at the peak of her sexuality! Lorena’s life philosophy is about living healthy and enjoying magical moments with others on our amazing planet.

Lorena is a perfect choice for the more refined gentleman who is seeking someone with whom they can experience a truly special and sensual tantric massage. Take a closer look and then dive right in head first and let the adventure begin!!!

Incall appointments are also available if you’re near to Barbican Station. Ask our friendly receptionists for more information.

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