Body To Body Massage

The Best Body to Body Massage London Has To Offer

Experience the ultimate body to body massage London has to offer from one of our beautiful massage therapists at Forever Tantric. Arouse your body and awaken your mind with a sensational massage experience from a Forever Girl.

The Body to Body massage from Forever Tantric is a full body massage experience. Sensual, erotic, intimate and all encompassing, this massage takes your Tantric Massage journey to a whole new level of bodily pleasure.

Using her entire naked body, your Masseuse uses her feminine curves to slide and glide rhythmically and gracefully over every inch of your body, thus, exciting all your senses – expertly, seductively and provocatively. These tantalising and enticing body to body slides and glides are intended to bring you to the peak of your climax on multiple occasions before the grand Finale explosive release.

The Forever Tantric Body to Body Massage is one of life’s most enthralling erotic experiences. If you crave intimacy, human connection and passion in a safe environment then this is the perfect choice for you, and an excellent starter massage from anyone that is yet to experience a sensational erotic massage.

Body To Body Massage Prices

Massage Duration Premium Masseuse Incall Premium Masseuse Outcall Elite Masseuse Incall Elite Masseuse Outcall
1 hour £200 £250 £250 £300
1.5 hour £300 £350 £350 £400
2 hours £400 £450 £500 £550

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Our Body To Body Massage Treats

What Are The Key Benefits Of Body To Body Massage?

Body Awareness

Tantric Massage teaches us to become aware of our own body. A common misconception is that pleasure can only be derived by focusing attention on certain parts of the body. On the contrary, the belief system of Tantric Specialists is to encourage stimulation of every single part of the body.

Improved Overall Health

Using the elements of Swedish Massage Therapy and naked massaging techniques, this experience promotes complete relaxation, melting away your mind and body’s tension, thus, promoting a deep sense of serenity. This ultimately improves your emotional and physical wellbeing which has a positive impact on your overall health.

Enhanced Sensuality

Massage is hypnosis of the body. Our masseuses use their hands and bodies as massage tools to increase your sensual energy flow, arouse all your bodily sensations and take you to an ecstatic place of pure gratification.

Emotional fulfilment

Intimate massages also fulfill us emotionally as well as physically, promoting a deep connection with another individual.

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