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Simply The Best Tantric Couples Massage That London Has To Offer

Allow your relationship to soar to a new fresh and super sensual dimension with the Forever Tantric Couples Massage in London – a safe but thrilling way in which to enhance your erotic pleasure together.

After years of being in a relationship, modern couples now love to experiment with some further form of intimacy, but, understandably, some are afraid of venturing down the slippery road of escort agencies. Hence, that is precisely why the Forever Tantric offers you a safe haven in which to experience a deeper connection with your lover by watching each other being caressed and massaged simultaneously. It is a pure symphony of exotic pleasure – the pleasure of touch and the joyous voyeurism of seeing your partner receiving the same seductive touch.

The sole purpose of the Couples London Massage is sensual pleasure, relaxation and enhancing the connection with your lover and your sensual energy. It is a phenomenal bonding experience. Through this deep focus on yourself, your body as well as your partner, sexuality and massage become a process of meditation whereby your mind, body and spirit are brought together in union. Excel to the realms of delectable massage pleasure and experience the extraordinary with the best couples massage in London. Add to life’s rich tapestry!

Couples Massage Prices

Massage Duration Premium Masseuse Elite Masseuse
1 hour - 1 masseuse £450 £500
1.5 hour - 1 masseuse £650 £750
2 hours - 1 masseuse £800 £900
1 hours - 2 masseuses £700 £800
1.5 hours - 2 masseuses £850 £1000
2 hours - 2 masseuses £1300 £1500

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A Sensual Awakening With A London Couples Massage

The heady delights of exploring each other’s bodies at the beginning of every relationship often fades over time. This is natural. If you and your partner have both been together for quite some time and maybe have had children – the natural parental instinct takes over and depletes all sense of sexual awareness and longing for one another. Having a cuddle with your partner still feels great but often partnerships need to reignite that passion, alight that fading flame and feel physically and emotionally re-connected again.

Life’s challenges certainly affect a relationship’s sexual side too. In this demanding modern world many challenges cause major stress and as a result the libido suffers and declines. We all too often live that ‘Groundhog Day’ lifestyle and forget about affection, touch, pleasure and connection. If every couple put aside time for ‘pleasure ’ we are certain they would be happier and more fulfilled. When couples experience stress in their partnership they often totally abstain from sex.

Perhaps you can answer these questions;

  • When was the last time you touched your lover’s body apart from the obvious hot spots such as the breasts and genitals?
  • Are you finding it difficult to become aroused by each other
  • Do the physical sensations you experience during sexual intercourse lack intensity?
  • As a male partner do you have trouble getting an erection?
  • As a female partner do you find it hard to reach orgasm?
  • You rarely have sex, cuddle or even touch each other?

It is a shame that most couples answer ‘yes’ to the majority of these questions. Life can have its difficulties but it is so important to allocate sufficient time to intimacy.

We recognised this common syndrome years ago and, thus, created the Forever Tantric Couples Massage during which you have the opportunity to BOTH achieve a deep level of sensuality and relaxation in a safe and trusting environment. This best couples massage is a fantastic way in which to re-connect with your partner and release those emotional and physical problems.

What Happens With The Couples Massage?

Naturally this is the first question that springs to mind. We do not offer sexual intercourse – purely sensual body to body massage merged with Tantric techniques which will most definitely reawaken your sensuality and ramp up your lover’s arousal levels! It is a tactile and affection ‘whole body’ massage experience that will allow you both to feel the pulse of erotic energy course through your bodies and reignite your passion.

Each masseuse will gently caress and massage every inch of your bodies simultaneously – synchronising their every move. Gradually your bodies become instruments of pure sensual pleasure, the massage touch becomes the full focus of your attention and every sensation is registered and ripples throughout your torso. At that point, your masseuses no longer DO massage, they conduct it; your bodies fine- tuned like a great symphony orchestra, respond to every nuance of feeling created by their soothing hands. You both sink into a deliciously deep relaxed mood and your emotional tension vanishes. The mutual groans of pleasure will entice your erotic energy and that lifeless libido will spring back to life!

It is incredibly erotic to see and feel one’s partner being caressed, gently massaged and stimulated whilst experiencing these sensations at the same time. Each stroke increases your sensual energy flow and you are taken to a new plane of sensual awareness. Once you have both experienced the Forever Tantric Couples London Massage, it’s guaranteed that as a couple your foreplay will never be the same again! It will be magnificent. You can both learn and remember these erotic massage techniques and repeat these strokes on each other when you are in the sanctuary of your home.

Wake up your listless libido, explore the power of touch and add pleasure to your relationship by experiencing the sensational Forever Tantric Couples Massage in London. Find time for eroticism and sensuality with your lover. It’s liberating and life changing. You know it makes perfect sense!

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