Foot Fetish Massage

The Most Delightful Foot Fetish Massage London Has To Offer

Next time you’re in London, treat yourself and your body to the experienced touch of one of our gorgeous Masseuses, and let her indulge your passion for her elegant feet, and bewitching ankles and toes.

Experience the most sensual foot fetish massage London has to offer, along with Forever Tantric’s signature body to body massage. The warm, sensual sensations you feel as she caresses you with her pretty toes and delicate arches will transport you to a world of pure pleasure.

Foot Fetish Massage Prices

Massage Duration Premium Masseuse Elite Masseuse
1 hour £350 £400
1.5 hour £450 £550
2 hours £550 £650

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Our Foot Fetish Massage Treats

Go Body To Body With One of Our Expert Masseuses

The body to body massage is already an incredible, unforgettable experience not to be missed, but if you’re one of those special gentlemen who truly appreciate the look and touch of an exquisite pair of feet, then we highly suggest you allow one of our girls to come and take care of you.

When she arrives, your masseuse will be wearing a gorgeous pair of shoes to accentuate the curves of her feet, ankles and legs, and will slip them off – along with the rest of her clothes – to share with you all of her best features.

You will then be treated to the signature Forever Tantric full body on body massage, during which she will use the highest quality, Swiss-made natural massage oils to let her gorgeous naked body glide slowly over yours.

Let the movements of her body transport you away to a world of pure bliss, and experience the full-body relaxation that only a massage of this kind can provide. Your masseuse will pay each and every part of your body the attention it deserves to relax and rejuvenate you, and bring you to a state of harmony and deep, relaxed satisfaction.

Not only that, but she will use her delicate feet to bring you gradually to a state of dizzying arousal, and help you experience the full mind and body benefits of the best erotic massage London has to offer.

Adore Her Sweet Feet

The foot fetish massage includes foot to body massage as well as the body to body massage – your masseuse will use her feet to treat you to the most sensual portion of the massage.

She will soothe away your worries and cares, and use her delightful feet and toes to help you leave the stresses of everyday life behind.

Let your masseuse caress you with her slim, pretty feet, and experience the pleasure of her arches gliding slowly over your bare skin.

She is experienced in the skills and techniques of pleasuring gentlemen who adore a shapely foot, so lie back, relax, and let her perfectly-pedicured toes take over as she uses her expertise to create wave after wave of incredible pleasure.

She will take you on a journey of sensual joy that you will appreciate in a way that only a select few men can, and make your deepest, most cherished fantasies a reality.

The Wonder of a Foot Fetish Massage

You may find that experiencing your deepest fantasies becoming a full blooded, tangible reality with a foot fetish massage is so erotically intense that climax is inevitable, even though that is not the main focus of the massage. The main focus is to help you release stress and tension, and invigorate you, while allowing you to enjoy the intimate sensuality of skin on skin with a gorgeous and talented masseuse. As she touches you with her beautiful feet and body, the two of you create an intimate connection, and the state of pure heightened arousal to which she will bring you will be allowed to reach its natural conclusion. Allow the waves of ecstasy to overtake you as her heels and arches caress you, and let her beautiful feet bring you to your climax. Let the massage draw out all of your tension, and worship your masseuse’s feet as they were meant to be worshipped.

The Health Benefits of Tantric Massage

Rarely is anyone completely relaxed, and stress affects everyone in very negative ways. Massage, especially the type of full body on body massage that our girls offer, is a great way to soothe away your stress and cares, and come to a state of complete relaxation and inner bliss.

Massage will help to lower your blood pressure, soothe headaches, and relieve stress-related insomnia. What better way to feel the incredible benefits of massage, than combining it with a truly full-body, tantric experience and indulging your deep love of beautiful feet at the same time?

Relax and let your cares melt away in the arms of one of our gorgeous, talented girls, and experience true sensual bliss. You will sleep better and be more relaxed and confident in your everyday life, have lower blood pressure, and your aches and pains will dissolve away.

Many men today experience such sexual dysfunctions as premature ejaculation, erectile dysfunction and impotence, which can greatly impact their self-esteem. This type of massage therapy can aid in the recovery from such ailments, and help you to regain confidence and build your stamina and performance in the bedroom.

Pent up tension and stress can also affect your sexual performance even if you don’t suffer from any of these things, so make sure you set aside time to look after yourself, and let one of our girls look after you. After one – or more! – sessions with your masseuse, you will feel relaxed, empowered and ready to get back in the driving seat again.

Enhance Your Sensuality

Taking care of your body doesn’t just mean nutrition and exercise. Your sensuality is just as important as any other part of you, and it is often too easily neglected. The release of sexual tension and frustration is necessary to your sense of self, not to mention a beautiful and natural thing.

Getting back in touch with your body and your needs is essential to reclaiming your masculinity and sexuality, so make sure you don’t forget about this area of your life in the busy pace of today’s world. Indulging your sensual pleasures is not only highly enjoyable, but necessary – it helps you feel more centred, and better able to cope with the pressures of everyday life.

Too often we are forced to snatch little moments here and there in which to take our sexual release, and it’s important to put aside an hour or two every once in a while to thoroughly enjoy your body the way it was meant to be enjoyed.

Make time for yourself and your needs, and enhance your sense of self and sensuality through the sheer joy of a full body on body massage with a pretty girl and her pretty feet. Give yourself this gift, and let go of the reins for a while – your body and your mind will thank you for it.

Our Girls

Our knowledgeable, experienced, and beautiful girls combine techniques of both tantric body to body and foot to body massage in our unsurpassed foot fetish massage London, and use clever movements of their hands, body, and feet to melt away your tension and bring you gradually to a place of deep relaxation and spiritual sensuality.

They will spin your fantasies into earthly reality in a safe, relaxed environment, where you can be free to adore a pair of beautiful, shapely feet as they smooth away your cares.

All of our masseuses are highly trained, friendly and fantastic at what they do. Several of our girls are experts when it comes to the gentleman with specific, foot-based interests. Let them take you on an erotic journey of pleasure and relaxation, and enjoy the experience of an erotic foot fetish massage.

When you book with us, one of our stunning girls will come to you – discreetly and conservatively dressed. The massage takes place naked, with soft candlelight and soothing music to ensure a truly intoxicating experience for all of your senses.

How To Get The Most Out Of Your Massage

To make sure you get the absolute most out of your massage, there are a few things you can do. Make sure you are showered and clean when your masseuse arrives, and she will do the same for you.

As she glides her oiled body over yours, try to be fully present in the moment – breathe deeply and focus on the slow rhythmic movements as she works away your tension. Don’t let the worries of everyday work creep in. Allow your body to respond to her touch – don’t try to fight it, as this will only increase tension and counteract the effects of the massage.

Lastly, take the time afterward to really enjoy the feeling of true relaxation – don’t get up and start doing things right away. Let yourself float away on a cloud to really maximise the benefits of your treatment.

If you do all of these things this will increase the pleasure, enjoyment, and positive effects of the massage, and make you feel incredible and rejuvenated for days afterward.

Come And Get In Touch

Next time you’re in London, round off your holiday or business trip with one of our foot fetish massages, and let one of our fabulous girls give you and your body the sumptuous pampering you deserve. Let her work off your stress and anxiety, and give you the best experience in sensual and erotic relaxation available. Most of our girls are based in and around Knightsbridge, Marylebone, Kensington, Earl’s Court, Paddington, Soho and Chelsea, so if you’re nearby, give us a call and your masseuse will hot foot it out to see you. Our foot expert masseuses are waiting for you to get in touch and cannot wait to come and see you, so call us to arrange a booking. We also offer a range of other fantastic tantric massages, so if feet aren’t really your thing, then why not opt for something else?

Our lines are open daily from 11am to midnight, so give us a call or book online by clicking at the top of the page. We can’t wait to hear from you.

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