Four Hands Massage

"Experience The Most Exquisite 4 Hand Massage London Has To Offer"

The sheer orgasmic bliss of our full body tantric massage is already an experience you won’t want to miss, so why on earth wouldn’t you want to double your pleasure for a truly mind-blowing encounter?

Next time you’re in London, indulge yourself and let not one, but two of our girls come and give you the most incredible 4 hand massage London has on offer.

Choose two of our gorgeous girls to come and see you at your hotel room, and be prepared to give yourself over to the truly mind-blowing pleasure of being attended by four hands instead of two, and two bodies instead of one.

Our girls will look after every inch of you, using hands and bodies and fingers to explore and soothe away every little ache and pain, and bring you the sensation of incredible heightened sensuality instead. With such a tempting scenario on offer, how can you refuse?

Four Hands Massage Prices

Massage Duration Premium Masseuse Elite Masseuse
1 hour £500 £600
1.5 hour £700 £800
2 hours £900 £1100

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Our Four Hands Massage Treats

The Tantric Experience

The Tantric Arts use secrets and techniques that are thousands of years old, which are designed to bring you back in touch with your inner, sensual self.

Our Treats will use their gorgeous bodies and hands to bring you to a state of dizzying arousal, in order to help you to harness the hidden sexual power that you have locked inside.

Feel their lithe, supple bodies as they glide over yours, using the highest quality Swiss massage oils to bring you to the peak of absolute sensual bliss.

Many of us are sorely lacking in necessary human contact with others, as too often we shy away from touch. Our masseuses will re-engage your sense of touch as they glide and slide over your body in a highly erotically charged tantric massage, making sure that every inch of your body is attended to.

Let them bring you back to yourself with the best 4 Hand Massage London can provide – the best money can buy. Put yourself back in charge of your body and your sensuality. The need for contact is a crucial one, and reconnecting with touch is an important element of the tantric massage.

Stress and tension that builds up in everyday life can have a number of negative effects on our bodies, and it usually happens so slowly that we’re barely aware of it.

If you, like so many men in stressful positions, find that you have trouble sleeping, suffer from high blood pressure, or are having difficulties in the bedroom, then the tantric 4 hand massage is for you. Our girls can help to ease the tension, and bring you back to a place of greater control, in and out of the bedroom.

Take Care Of Your Body

The 4 hand massage London’s Forever Tantric offers can dissolve away some of that stress that builds up and instead leave you feeling relaxed, refreshed and rejuvenated for days afterwards. But that’s not all.

Everyone tends to neglect their sexual needs under the pressures of today’s world, and the four hand massage can put you back in touch with your sexual self. You will feel more confident, centred, and able to easily deal with the stresses that everyday life throws your way.

You may find that you reach climax during the massage; while this isn’t the aim, it is very common to be unable to contain the raw power that our girls will stir up within you. This is not only good for you, but helps you to become better able to control that power when you need it in the bedroom.

Issues such as premature ejaculation, erectile dysfunction or impotence can have a huge impact on a man’s self esteem and sense of masculinity, but thankfully these are exactly the type of ailments that can be greatly helped by tantric massage. Increased stamina, greater confidence and lowered stress levels are all typical results of one of our treats’ massages – imagine what two girls can do for you!

The body’s primal urges are necessary to our sense of self, and neglecting to indulge them once in a while can end up being very bad for us in the long run. It’s not just simple touch that gets forgotten, but usually if we indulge our sexual desires it is necessarily in whatever moments we can steal for ourselves. It’s important to make time to indulge our sexual selves and needs, and our girls can help you do just that.

Body to Body

Our Treats will take the most sensuous techniques of the Tantric Massage, and use both their voluptuous, naked bodies as well as their hands to soothe away all your worry and stress. Using the highest quality Swiss-made massage oils, our masseuses will use their hands and bodies to pay you the attention you deserve. Leave your worries and cares behind, and let our girls’ bodies bring you to a place of pampered stress relief and sheer magnetic sensuality.

Our girls will delight your body and senses as they were meant to be delighted, and bring your mind and consciousness back to a place of calm self assuredness and control. Their bodies will set you on a path to reacquaintance with your sense of self and masculinity, using the tantric techniques that they have honed and practiced. Let go and let them take care of you for an hour or two – you won’t regret it!

4 Hand Massage London

The 4 hand massage uses not only the tantric techniques of the full body-to-body massage, but a truly relaxing double hand massage as well. Our Treats will treat you to the most relaxing sensual massage you’ve ever experienced!

Lie back and let our girls take over and melt away all your aches and pains. They will caress and titillate every inch of you, making sure that nothing is neglected or forgotten.

Your masseuses will begin with the neck, shoulders and back, soothing tight and aching muscles, before ushering in the tantric element to the massage.

The girls will then use their whole bodies to begin to awaken your sensual self, taking you on a journey to experience one of life’s greatest pleasures. Relax and let them take over – you have earned a little time for yourself, after all!

Our Treats

Choose two of our exquisite four hand specialist masseuses, listed below, and let them bring your holiday or business trip to the happiest of endings.

They will arrive discreetly and conservatively dressed to your hotel room at a time that suits you best, and will bring with them everything they need to make your hour – or two! – the most enjoyable of your life.

Once your masseuses arrive, they will slip out of their clothes, revealing their voluptuous legs and gorgeous breasts, allowing you to appreciate fully the female form in all its glory. They will then begin the massage, using soft candlelight and relaxing music, paying special attention to each and every inch of you, while you relax and enjoy the blissful sensations.

Relax And Rejuvenate

To really get the best of our girls’ 4 hand massage, just lie back, relax, and let them do all the work. Let go of any stress and tension and let it melt away as they use their bodies to worship yours and bring you to a state of heightened erotic bliss. Focus on the rhythmic movements as the girls work away all your negative energy and replace it with the erotic, sensual energy that you can harness later in your everyday life.

Allow yourself to respond to the touch of the masseuses should this happen. Don’t fight it, as this will only increase your stress. The treatment is designed to relax you, so let yourself feel the heightened sexual energy building in your body with every stroke. If you do this, you will maximise not only your pleasure but the healing effects of the massage as well. Be ready to embrace the positive energies that our girls will instil in you, and let them bring you the utmost in erotic pleasure and enjoyment.

Do not allow thoughts of the everyday to creep in – fully focus your consciousness in the moment, in each caress and touch as it happens. Let the movements clear your mind, and simply let your body feel the motions of your masseuses hands and bodies as they work. Notice the feeling of increasing relaxation and heightening erotic charge, but do not try to direct or control it. Let your masseuses take the lead, and relax as they put their expertise to work for you.

Once the massage is complete, make sure that you have made time to simply let yourself float on the cloud of bliss that our girls have given you. Don’t get up right away; let the healing effect of the massage fully relax you even into sleep if you can. It will be the best you’ve ever had, and will leave you feeling refreshed, confident and charged with positive energy for days to come.

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Our girls are available for 4 hand massage London in and around Chelsea, Soho, Knightsbridge, Marylebone, Kensington, Earl’s Court and Paddington.

So if you’re in the area for either business or pleasure they would love to hear from you. Come and get in touch with us to book today – you can call from 11am to midnight or send us a message.

Our friendly staff are on hand to book you in for the experience of a lifetime, and our girls can’t wait to come and see you in person.

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