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"The Most Delectable Yoni Massage London Has To Offer"

What is a Yoni Massage London? When women explore and discover their sensual desires, they naturally feel more confident, radiant and at peace. Experiencing a professional Yoni Massage in London in a safe environment with one of our exquisite masseuses, will totally empower and uplift you.

The Yoni Massage is part of our London Tantric Massage healing service. Our female customers have become absolutely addicted to this rather delicate and deliriously sensual massage. We love the fact that more women are expressing themselves.

The word ‘Yoni’ is the Indian Sanskrit translation of the female genitalia. It is a rather sweet and neat term for the flower of femininity. Unlike other more vulgar terminology.

At Forever Tantric, we have noticed a remarkable interest within the female sector embarking on these sensual tantric massage adventures which is truly wonderful.

Consequently, after their yoni massage London excitation, they become more self-aware of their bodies and their augmented confidence finds expression in all parts of their lives.

Sadly, there still exists a large amount of uncertainty amongst women and men when talking about female genitalia. This is due to social conditioning which represses women and their deep- seated desires. In this modern world, we must abandon such taboos.

It is important to become familiar with the internal and external parts of one’s yoni. We can then dare to adventure further. And why not – we need to experience such pleasurable sensations in life.

Yoni Massage Prices

Massage Duration Premium Masseuse Elite Masseuse
1 hour £350 £400
1.5 hour £450 £550
2 hours £550 £650

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Our Yoni Massage Treats

London Yoni Massage and the Sensual Energy Flow

Tantric Massage focuses on increasing the flow of sensual energy throughout the recipient’s body. Energy affects our entire being – our thoughts, focus and feelings.

The sexual energy spread throughout the body during a full body Yoni Massage, fills you with health and vitality. No more need for botox or facial fillers Ladies – The London Yoni Massage will make you glow from head to toe!

Truly, many ladies are afraid of uncertainty and novel experiences. We believe in taking the bull by the horns and embarking on life’s entirely new ventures.

Life is not about collecting material things, which merely bring you temporary contentment. Life is about taking risks, exploring, discovering your sensuality and having pleasurable experiences.

Materialism is not fulfilling and never can be. A tantric massage treat, culminating in a tender yoni massage will bring you far more happiness and serenity.

Celebrate Your Female Sexuality with a London Yoni Massage

There is a massive difference between penetration of the yoni and a Tantric yoni massage. As aforementioned, with a sensual tantric yoni massage, the female genitalia are worshipped. There is no furious thrusting ‘in and out’ action. The object of this massage is not orgasm. On the contrary, the aim is to achieve a deep sense of intimacy, warmth and comfort. Your entire body is lovingly caressed, adored and seductively stroked, sensually awakening your entire torso. All your tension will melt away allowing you to become emotionally and physically uplifted. Some of our female massage recipients release strong emotions, shed tears or cry a river. This is normal. The power of touch is incredible and we all subconsciously crave it. The explosive release of a full body massage culminating in an earth-shattering orgasmic ending is very often the very therapy we need! Welcome to sensual Enlightenment!

Yoni - The Absolute Beginning and Happy Ending

For a woman to surrender herself to a yoni massage London style, it is crucial that she feels as comfortable and relaxed as possible. Women respond to scent and texture even more so than men.

The room should be set up accordingly to a moderately warm temperature with warm, fresh towels placed on the bed. Gentle music, burning incense and scented candles are all aids for producing the desired effect of deep relaxation.

A quality massage oil, preferably unscented and a natural lubricant is an essential ingredient and it is a nice touch to warm the bottle of oil in hot water before drizzling it over her body.

Giving a Tantric Massage to a woman requires a more loving approach. To begin, gently caress and stroke her feminine feet, legs and back.

If she suffers from back pain it is good to work on that tension. A soothing head massage will make her melt, touching and tracing her ear lobes and neckline will stimulate her senses.

Once you have massaged the back of her body, ask her quietly to turn over and begin to massage the front of her legs, thighs, abdomen, chest, arms and hands.

At this point she will feel completely relaxed as well as aroused. Every inch of her body is attended to in a gentle, sensuous manner before the lubricating massage oil is trickled on to her intimate areas.

Pay close attention to her responses and encourage her to enjoy the sensation of her yoni being massaged mindfully and seductively. The ultimate orgasmic finale will be unlike any she’s ever had before.

Calling all the lovely ladies in London – add some gusto and zest to your lives and experience the extraordinary with London Tantric Massage.

Learn to love yourself, your body and your yoni. Book our discreet outcall service now, you deserve it! x

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