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"The Kinkiest Tie And Tease Massage London Has To Offer"

Do you tire of being in charge? Do you yearn to hang up your responsibilities for a while and let someone else take over? Being in a position of authority all day every day can leave you exhausted and burned out.

It’s no wonder so many men love to get away from the stress and pressure of their lives and allow themselves to be dominated by a gorgeous, authoritative woman for an hour or two.

Our kinky tie and tease fetish massage London will allow you to explore your submissive side with one of our exquisitely strict mistresses.

As well as the titillation of restraint, you will be teased and treated to the heavenly sensations of our signature Tantric body-to-body massage

Tie & Tease Massage Prices

Massage Duration Premium Masseuse Elite Masseuse
1 hour £350 £400
1.5 hour £450 £550
2 hours £550 £650

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Our Tie & Tease Massage Treats

The History of Dominance / Submissiveness

Male submission has a long history – ancient Greek art and the Kama Sutra both contain references to erotic spanking and bondage. In 18th century Europe, brothels would offer male clients the chance to experience being tied, teased and whipped by their madams.

As you can imagine, this was wildly popular with the clientele, and led to BDSM taking off in a big way! Later, a man named Leopold von Sacher-Masoch – whose name inspired the terms ‘masochism’ and ‘masochist’ – explored his submissive fantasies in a racy novel he titled Venus in Furs.

The main character begs the woman he falls in love with to take him in as her slave, which she does – treating him ever more degradingly throughout the book. He even went as far as to convince his wife to enact his kinky fantasies with him! 

Why not treat yourself like Von Sacher-Masoch did, and live out your fantasies? Let one of our girls come and see you, and take full control of you for an hour or two in a safe and sexy environment.

Surrender yourself to her for a while, and experience a fantastic erotic massage at the same time; your body and mind will thank you for it. 

Your Fetish Massage London

When your masseuse arrives, she will be conservatively dressed, and will strip to reveal her gorgeous curves – but you must only admire her from afar.

You will obey Her Excellence’s every command as She dominates you, including when She orders you to strip naked for Her. You will have no choice to submit to Her every whim when She ties your hands, restraining you from moving without Her permission.

You will not be allowed to touch or move until you are ordered to, and She expects complete obedience. If you behave as a good submissive should, you may be allowed a treat later on… 

While you are restrained and unable to move a muscle, Her Excellence will touch, tease and titillate you as She sees fit in the most erotic fetish massage London can provide. A slave to Her whims, you will be powerless to resist Her.

Your heart will race as She runs Her oiled, slippery curves over your unprotesting body, taking you to dizzying erotic heights. The sensations will take your breath away as you give yourself over to the sheer pleasure She bestows upon you. 

You will be at Her mercy for the whole session, with no choice but to allow Her to touch, tease and please you however She wants. You will be able to do nothing but lie helplessly and experience each new sensation as it happens – which is the best way to enjoy a Tantric massage.

With no way to anticipate Her next move, and no way to stop it even if you wanted to, you have no choice but to let Her do as she will and simply lie back and enjoy until you’re delirious with desire. 

It is highly likely that you will be unable to contain yourself – and if you’re lucky, She might grant you permission to climax. Be careful, though, because if She decides you’ve misbehaved or been bad, She might choose to let you suffer… 

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Next time you’re in town, give us a call and book your Tie and Tease Massage London. A tie and tease massage is a great way to relieve stress and round off a holiday or business trip, refreshing and rejuvenating you before you leave. Our girls cannot wait to come and take charge of you, all you have to do is ask!

Give us a call now and we will match you with your perfect Dominatrix, ensuring that you enjoy this unique experience to its fullest. Just click at the top of the page or call us, 11am to midnight, and you can experience the blissful relief and erotic joy of handing over the reins to a gorgeous Dominatrix for a while. Just remember to ask nicely…

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