Soapy Massage

5 Things You Need To Know About Soapy Massage

It can be described as aqua massage or soapy massage, but the two are one and the same – the act of cleansing and bathing the body before or during a tantric massage. 

Soapy Massage is a popular choice because of the way it totally tantalises the senses – bringing the joy and excitement of teasing tantric touch alongside the intimacy of being washed by someone else.

But what does it actually entail? What are the 5 things you need to know about Soapy Massage?

1. It’s For Those Ready To Be Wet And Wild

Soapy massage is exactly as it is described – an incredible experience in which your masseuse will lather you with soap suds before an erotic tantric massage. They will wash you from head to toe, covering every inch of your body with their own as well as the water.

2. It’s Slightly Submissive But Sensual

It may be seen as a submissive act by the recipient, to lie back while someone else washes you, but soapy massage is a soft and gentle experience, as opposed to a dominatrix style Tie and Tease Massage.

The vulnerability lies in surrendering yourself wholly to your masseuse. Give yourself over eagerly and allow her to work her magic across your form. 

3. It’s Two In One

A Soapy Massage is luxurious washing and a body to body massage combined – a perfect pairing! Many people rate it as one of the most erotic types of massage as they are primed and pampered beforehand, creating a prelude of suspense.

After the fun and frolics of the bathing ritual, you will be dried gently and thoroughly with a towel before an incredible, breathtaking tantric massage.

4. It Allows A Greater Connection With Your Masseuse

With any tantric massage, you will feel a bond with your masseuse as she caresses and worships your body. But a soapy massage creates an even deeper connection between the two of you as you have the intimacy of cleansing before the main event. It is an overwhelmingly relaxing sensation to be washed by someone else and a treat for all the senses – the feeling of warm water gliding over your skin with beautifully scented bubbles and the stunning site of your masseuse.

5. It Is A Great Stress Reliever

Tantra is a wonderful stress reliever. Tantric touch has a magic quality that soothes the mind while it relaxes the body, pushing tension from muscles and encouraging you to clear your mind and take the time to breathe and focus on the moment. 

A soapy massage will literally wash all your tension away. You will emerge cleansed and feeling energised, confident and rebalanced.

There you have it! The 5 Things You Need To Know About Soapy Massage. One final thing to note. We have a stunning selection of girls who offer Soapy Massage – take your pick from a plethora of beauties and indulge in an experience you’ll never forget.

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