Best Prostate Massage Techniques

The Very Best Prostate Massage Techniques

It might be a daunting prospect but prostate massage is widely regarded as an indescribable thrill for those who choose to partake. It is widely known in the tantric world as Sacred Spot massage because it is just that – a sacred, unmatchable treat.

Stimulating the prostate gland brings a man immense pleasure through incredible new and unparalleled sensations. The nerve endings inside the anus and surrounding the prostate are highly sensitive, creating a supercharged sensual experience like nothing else.

While a sexy, skilled professional masseuse is always a wonderful choice for your first foray into prostate play, this is something you could also try at home, either by yourself or with a partner.

What is the prostate and how do you find it?

The prostate is a small, round gland around an inch wide which can be found inside a man’s rectum, under the bladder. It can be stimulated in two ways – either externally by massaging the perineum or internally inside the anus.

But you’ll find that it is internal stimulation that will bring about the most powerful erotic experience for a man.

To find the prostate, you can insert a finger or anal toy gently and slowly into the anus. You are feeling for a firm, walnut sized spot about 2-3 inches in which will be highly sensitive to touch. An upwards, come hither movement with your finger should help you locate it.

What do you need to know before you start?

If you are the recipient of a prostate massage, go into the experience with an open mind and surrender yourself wholly to new, incredible sensations in order to fully benefit from this fulfilling, erotic adventure. Openly communicate with your partner if they are giving the massage – be honest about your expectations and limitations.

Safety in sexual play is vitally important. You must also ensure that whether you are using fingers or toys for prostate massage that they are clean, have no sharp edges and are well lubricated before you begin as the skin in this area is thin and sensitive.

What are the very best prostate massage techniques?

  • Start softly with one finger, especially if this is your first rodeo. Light and gentle movements that build up to greater pressure will be perfect for a sacred spot newbie and will also build suspense and excitement.
  • Keep communication lines open. Talk to your partner throughout about what feels good and how you want to proceed.
  • Use lots of lube to ensure a smooth and pleasurable experience all round.Try a stroking, come-hither motion with your finger. The prostate is higher than the anus and a few inches in so an upward, bent finger can be the most effective way to reach it.
  • You can also try light tapping pressure like ringing a doorbell, a circular movement, or a motionless push against the prostate. Find out which creates the right response – mindblowing pleasure!Consider different positions – face down, on your back with your legs up, on all fours or one leg pulled up to your chest – until you feel most comfortable.
  • Try using a specific prostate massage toy which will be perfectly shaped to hit the exact spot. These can be longer to give the depth that some men prefer or even vibrating to add to the internal sensation.

There’s plenty of options and tips to get you started on your journey to find your sacred spot, but if you’d rather leave it to the professionals, we have plenty of skillful sacred spot masters who can show you the ropes!

Let go of your inhibitions and let your thrill factor soar!

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