Couples Massage

What Is Tantric Couples Massage?

Reignite your relationship and add a new super sensual element to your intimate action with a Couples Massage. This amazing tantric experience can be a safe and exciting way to introduce another person to your relationship without breaking your invaluable bond or stepping outside of your comfort zone.

A Tantric Couples Massage sees both of you receive a nude, incredibly tantalising, massage at the same time, in the same room, for optimum indulgence.

Relax with your partner through a shared erotic experience, explore your deepest desires and watch lovingly as your partner relishes feelings of intense pleasure in someone else’s hands.

Be a voyeur but also be totally present as you receive the same treatment, at the same time, allowing you the rare chance to reconnect on a much deeper level.

What Happens In A Tantric Couples Massage?

Your body is a vessel for your tantric journey to the heights of sensual pleasure. Now imagine taking that journey with your partner, stepping out together for the ultimate in a liberating, loving tantric experience.

Join your masseuse to start your massage experience and reawaken your libido.

All of you will be totally nude, which – although may seem intimidating at first – will boost your body confidence throughout.

Covering you and themselves in oil, your masseuses will use their teasing touch to gently massage and caress your entire bodies from top to toe, in total tandem. Synchronised sensual strokes will take all your attention, as you and your partner float away to an erotic utopia.

She will use her whole body to knead your muscles and work away any tension and stress while making you feel amazing.

Each one of your senses will light up – you will gain pleasure from watching your partner indulge, as well as from your own exquisite touch and the delicious smells from the oils, as well as the sounds of your bodies gliding together and your partners involuntary whimpers of joy will be all your need to totally immerse yourselves in the immense joy and pleasure.

Learn from the body to body massage mastery and take your tips back to your bedroom for longlasting delight in the safe haven of your own home!

And be sure to take a moment after the massage to be with your partner in the moment. Really reconnect.

What Do You Need To Know Beforehand?

Wear something comfortable and easy to get on and off so that you are easy to disrobe and feel at ease.

What is tantric couples massage? Talk to your partner beforehand about the experience and what you want to gain from it. Prepare for how you might feel and know what to expect so you can be confident and relaxed in your enjoyment.

.Remember you are in control. You can set the pace and the boundaries. The joy of couples massage is that despite a third person joining the fun, you can still be in the driving seat.

Embrace trying something new. Give yourself in to the experience wholeheartedly as that’s the best way to gain from it.

Take what you’ve learned and recreate it at home!

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