Sexual Massage Techniques For Him

The Best Sexual Massage Techniques For Him

The obvious way to please a man sexually in the bedroom is to focus on the penis – or, as we call it in the tantric world – the lingam. While Lingam Massage is a popular and highly pleasurable option, there are a huge number of erogenous zones to focus on in order to tick all the boxes for the best sexual massage techniques for him.

Tantric sexual massage techniques encourage the participants to concentrate on the connection between your mind and body in order to be able to reach a euphoric state of relaxation. For couples, this can bring enormous benefits to your relationship and your bedroom antics as sexual experiences become more intimate and fulfilling.

Take Your Time

It is wise to ensure that you have a serene and quiet environment before you start. Set the mood with dim lighting and music and take the time to enjoy each other’s company. Be nude, be comfortable, be in the moment.

The key to a successful sexual massage is to take your time. Savour his body, inch by inch. Top to toe.

Stress and tension is often held in the neck, head and shoulders so here is a good place to start. Run your fingers through his hair, add some circular motions with gentle pressure to the scalp and you will feel him visibly relax in your hands.

Use Your Whole Body

Use your whole body to cover his whole body. Glide your naked form against his back, kiss the hollows of his neck and his ears, which have lots of sensory receptors and therefore are majorly sexually sensitive. Use your mouth liberally here –  teeth to nibble at the lobe and lips and tongue to tantalise the lobe. A gentle blow can stimulate the senses too.

Trail your fingertips and lips across the outline of every feature on his face. Trace his cheekbones and hover over his eyelashes with a light, gentle touch, so he can continually feel you barely there against his skin. Giving particular attention to his lips will also be an obvious sure-fire hit.

Tease and Caress

Moving down his body, be sure to pause at his nipples for a cheeky pinch if your man enjoys the pressure or a gentle caress.

Tease him a little before you reach his genitals by focussing on his torso and lower abdomen. Run both hands parallel down either side of his body, changing direction before you reach the lingam. The soft, often hidden skin of the inner thigh is also super sensitive and highly responsive to tantric touch.

New and hidden areas

Consider uncharted territory. Perhaps you’d like to try prostate massage or foot massage but haven’t discussed it with your partner. Talk about your fantasies and desires and try new things if you are both keen to do so.

Try kneading the balls of the feet with your knuckles before changing the pressure completely and switching to kissing his toes. The exciting suspense of what might come next is often a huge stimulant.

Remember to spend time on the erotic hidden spots such as behind the knees and in the crease of the elbow, where the skin is thinner and softer than elsewhere on the body.

Last but not least

The genital area cannot be missed in a sexual massage. Your focus on the lingam, perineum, buttocks and testicles will undoubtedly be one of the highlights for your man. Tease and tantalise, visit and revisit, while interspersing your touch across the rest of his body.

Most importantly, be comfortable and confident in your skin, which allows him to feel the same way. Relaxed and without inhibitions. 

Our Couples Massage will also give you some hints and tips for the best sexual massage techniques for him. Watch and learn from our tantric goddesses.

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