Erotic Tantric Massage For Men

Erotic Tantric Massage For Men

For a man, receiving a sensual tantric massage can be a profoundly validating experience. Not having to think about his own ‘performance’ means that he can truly relax and enjoy the undivided attention. It also encourages a man to relinquish control and surrender to the moment, leaving his everyday roles and responsibilities far behind.

Men often set high expectations of themselves for sexual performance. They may feel under pressure to maintain an erection, to give their partner an orgasm, or to reach orgasm easily themselves.  All too often, sex is focused on achieving orgasm rather than on enjoying the journey.   Erotic massage provides the perfect opportunity for your partner to calm down and settle into the experience of receiving.  This can be difficult initially for men who are more used to setting the pace or taking a more active role. You can help your partner adjust by making him aware that you are deriving enjoyment simply from giving massage pleasure.  Bear in mind that you are not trying to lead him towards orgasm or intercourse, but simply giving him love and attention in this moment.  More than anything, a tantric massage will create a sense of physical and emotional well-being and leave him in no doubt about how much you desire and care for him.

However confident your partner may be in daily life, there is a possibility that he might feel vulnerable prior to a male tantric massage. Use the massage as an opportunity to give love and validation to your partner. Take your time to touch him and use a variety of strokes to show care and attention.

As the recipient, try to feel how your sensual energy builds during the erotic massage, and notice how it flows all around your body, opening all your senses.  Learn to recognize and ride those waves of sensual energy.  Give yourself space to enjoy these moments, rather than purely focusing on the lingam massage culmination.  Express your own enjoyment through audible breathing and sounds of pleasure.  This will help your partner to feel more comfortable in his own experience and to surrender more completely to his erotic massage.

When you have finished the erotic massage, allow your partner to lie still and rest, uninterrupted for at least five minutes.  Let him assimilate all that’s happened to his body.  Lie together and enjoy the blissful moment and let him know through words and actions that this powerful male tantric massage experience is to be celebrated.

When you touch, your body sends messages to your brain, which floods your body with pleasurable hormones. You will both find that after the pleasure of an erotic massage, you will both feel content as well as more connected, both physically and emotionally. Sensual massage is a gateway to a more intimate connection and will certainly rekindle any lost passion.

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