Erotic Soapy Massage Fantasy Story

Erotic Soapy Massage Fantasy Story

The Wonders of Wet and Wild Soapy Massage

King for a Day

A tsunami of soapy lather foamed forth along my torso. The warm water trickled down our bodies like happy tears. The mere essence of the Forever Tantric soap suds aroused my senses. The burning light from the candles highlighted her beautiful frame which I longed to show adoration. Her tight, svelte body pressed against me, she cleansed me of my impurities, of my former lustful cravings. I was being baptised by a Goddes, I was soaking up this Epicurean bathing ritual like a King. It was sexy yet affectionate. This magnanimous form of affection filled my heart with joy and I was spellbound with her very touch, her gentle caress, every lingering moment. I basked in the glory of our wet nakedness. This gorgeous creature was cleansing my body of all life’s hardships, of all my stresses and strains, of life’s monotony.

With a surprising amount of confidence and vigour, my Muse knelt down and washed me from the very tips of my toes, working her way along my body, cleansing, healing, easing my anxiety. My worries were literally being washed away! I was bare of life’s armour. I was childlike for an instant yet this journey certainly wasn’t maternal. It was sensationally sensual. I admired her seductive qualities, I admired her spirit. She was enchanting and I was enraptured. My stealthy seductress massaged my bare back and I could feel the intermittent slides of her slippery, shiny wet body against me.  The steam of the hot shower filled the room like a dense fog and our bodies paled behind the haziness.

My entrancing and magical Masseuse led me out of the bathing baptism and dried every inch of my body with warm towels. I was a kid again – but only for a moment. I hadn’t experienced this since my mother towel dried me when I was 5 years old. I felt like a Saint being pampered by a Geisha. She meticulously dried my cleansed, dripping wet body whilst giving me a reassuring smile. I felt elated, adored and profoundly relaxed.

My Geisha girl then led me to the boudoir whereupon she whispered softly to lie on the bed. Standing above me, she seeped a warm infusion of natural massage oil all over me, which every pore of my body thirstily drank. I gasped with pleasure as she trickled the warm oil on her own body and pressed it against me, but it was only for a millisecond – she proceeded to hungrily massage every part of my body, easing me of my pain. The pain of work stress, the pain of my aching muscles, the pain of the huge lack of intimacy in my life.  I was being eased out of the cocoon of aloneness. I was being enlightened by the magic of an erotic massage. My enchantress was in full control. I wanted to reach out and touch her, feel her, express my desire but she clasped my hand and held it down. She was seducing me with erotic massage pleasure and I was not permitted to reciprocate or touch this Beauty. It was strange submitting to this fantasy woman, yet so alluring and very refreshing. Her touch was hypnotic and I consequently slipped into a blissful reverie.

As the massage oil-drenched my body, she submerged from the seeping wetness like a mermaid in the ocean, her hair tangled from the surplus of massage oil, her green eyes wild and stormy with desire – this force of Nature was taking me on a wet and wild journey beyond my imagination. I was stupefied, immobilized and quite frankly, astonished by her bold erotic body to body massage moves. I felt her tantalizing touch and sweet breath sweep across my lingam, her bare breast against me, her tender hands kneading my tension away.  The mesmeric melodies of rapturous massage music heightened and as if keeping pace, she thrust her nubile nude body against me with ardour and passion. I was on the verge of explosion but she calmed my compulsion to release my fervour and gently built me up again with ease and expertise. I had never felt such sensations before. I had never experienced such eroticism and exhilaration. I felt uplifted and enamoured. I was King and she was the Queen of Massage.  I crowned her with all my glory. I could not contain my manly desire. I erupted like a volcano. I have never felt such an intense climax in my entire life. It was profound, intense and ecstatic. I had been taken to a whole new world of Tantra and I was already an avid fan. I wanted to shout from the rooftops of London. I wanted to express my adulation and applaud this Supreme Being. I had been transported to a provocative plateau which I had never even imagined existed.

I was King for a day and my Queen of magical masseuses enthralled me. This enthralling tantric massage was the Crowning Glory of my entire week!

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