Erotic Tantric Massage for Women

Erotic Tantric Massage for Women

Many women shy away from an erotic tantric massage for fear of losing control or flaunting a social taboo. 

But, actually, in using the body’s sexual energy to promote healing and wellbeing, tantric massage can give women a newfound feeling of confidence and sexual self-awareness – putting you firmly in control of not just the massage but of your own destiny.

Looking for a safe, sensual, erotic experience? Look no further. A tantric female massage empowers and uplifts women who want to focus on stimulation as well as relaxation. 

The sensual experience is pleasurable and arousing, enabling a woman to destress and refresh both body and mind through seductive touch leaving you revitalised and ready to face all the challenges life brings. 

Your masseuse will use sensual strokes and gentle, exciting caresses to encourage you towards a blissful state of euphoria and peace.

This could be through the classic erotic tantric female massage or through body to body massage, Nuru massage or the Yoni Massage.

Yoni is the Sanskrit word for vulva or vagina and a Yoni Massage does exactly as it suggests – primarily focussing on the massage of the female genitalia to relieve any tension inside.

The Yoni Massage is a stress relieving therapeutic treatment, allowing women to break down any sexual barriers and feel more comfortable in their own skin as well as gaining confidence in intimate relationships with other people.

Yoni Massage encourages women to become more familiar with their anatomy, push past social stigma and any sexual taboos to embrace body confidence, self pleasure and female empowerment. 

During the massage, women are encouraged to concentrate on their breathing  and your masseuse will give you techniques to help you to aid relaxation and control your responses in order to gain the most from the all-encompassing experience.

Most importantly, acknowledge all sensations and surrender to the sensuous touch

You may find that you become emotional during the massage or that your build towards a sexual climax. Although this isn’t the goal, this is very common during tantric massage for and we would encourage women to embrace anything she might feel.

It is important to stress here that tantric massage for women isn’t a sexual service at all. Tantric female massage focuses entirely on the passive receiver – accept the gift and allow your masseuse to harness your sexual energy for healing and enhance your pleasure in order to clear your mind and re-energise your soul. 

Mutual boundaries are drawn from the outset so there will be no surprises in store and you can ensure you will feel comfortable and in control throughout.

Long lasting effects of tantric massage for women sees increases in self-esteem, reconnections in relationships and success in the workplace.

And in today’s modern world, doesn’t every woman deserve that chance to enjoy life to the fullest, strive forward with confidence and make their own path? 

Choose erotic tantric female massage today, let go and allow your masseuse to delicately fulfill all your desires.




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