Erotic Massage Interview

Erotic Massage Interview

Erotic Massage Interview – with Elite Masseuse Jessie. 

Background questions ( a little insight into A Forever Tantric Masseuse’s day to day life/background)

Jessie where are you from?

I am a traveller,  and I haven’t lived in one place for more than 5 years. I am a mix of cool Scandinavian winters and hot Australian summers, thus, in the sensual journey that I take the client on, there is a mixture of winter-like peace and mystery, and glorious sunshine as well as the celebration of life’s ecstatic moments. 

Jessie what do you do when you’re not being a Forever Tantric Massage Therapist?

When I am not working, I travel – not only to faraway lands but also within the depths of my own very being; exploring, healing, transforming and living as one whole sensual and spiritual being. I study Sacred Sexuality in depth through Tao and Tantra with world-renowned Tantra masters, I constantly develop myself as a modern-day devadasi (sexual priestess in ancient India)a spiritual and sensuous being, so when I am back in London with the Forever Tantric Team I can bring even more delicious nectar – the nectar of being alive, experiencing unimaginable bliss and beauty.

So come on, tell us the truth.  Do you see your Forever Tantric existence as a career or a secret?

Sacred sexuality (Tantra/Tantric Massage) and healing are the major themes of my life, and I will travel the world to learn and explore them and then offer my knowledge by performing these sensual massages in London.

Being back in London gives me the platform from which to enact these ideas that I’ve previously learnt in my Tantric studies. It never ceases to amaze me how the power of small things in life can create such a tremendous difference, such as, really looking into someone’s eyes and seeing who they really are, embracing through the power of Tantric Massage and melting together. It’s liberating and exhilarating, and I feel honoured that, as a result of my work, there are more loved and contented individuals in the world.

Jessie what led you to choose your erotic massage London profession?

Eros is the God of intimate love and I love that my life is dedicated to this aspect of human experience. Bringing heavenly delights through the body, honouring and worshipping the human temple is the most satisfying and nourishing career path.

And how did you end up working for Forever Tantric?  What makes the company a better home for you than one of the other erotic massage London companies?

It was a match made in heaven, I loved the community, friendships and support that were present from the very beginning.

Why erotic massage?  Why not sports massage or aromatherapy?  

Some healers are very good at rearranging muscles, it just so happens that  I am very good at awakening a human being’s sensual energy and connecting it with the spirit through the heart, through the healing art of Tantric Massage.

It’s easy to understand what your clients get from one of your massages but what’s in it for you as an Erotic Massage London Therapist? 

Re-educating men and women about sensuality and sensual massage pleasure from every corner of the Globe. Society is sexually repressed resulting in immature, co-dependent, unsatisfactory relationships between men and women. Even in puberty, there are no rites of passage nor holistic guidance into sexuality. The education people receive is mostly through pornography and self-exploration, and the result is that intimacy is rushed, aggressive and goal orientated.

I utilize sensual Tantric massage as a medium, whereby men and women can experience true intimacy through the power of touch. I see it as my contribution towards a healthier and more loving society, more authentic and supportive relationships and more wholesome individuals.

Don’t you sometimes just wish you could receive a Tantric Massage as well as giving one?  Is it frustrating from time to time?

My satisfaction comes from when I feel and see how the receiver completely transforms after he/she has been adored from head to toe, from the physical body to the very essence of the human spirit.

Jessie what do you enjoy most about what your Erotic Massage Profession in London?

It never fails to amaze me how the more attention I give to life’s energy force through Tantra, the more it nourishes all areas of my life, satisfies the heart, revives the mind, brings more serendipities and synchronicities in life, thus, giving us a feeling that we are part of one beautiful universal game. It’s like the magic we all heard in childhood stories, except now it’s present in everyday life. Conscious touch, drifting in the moment is something that most people never experience in life and it opens the most pleasurable pathways.

I love the timelessness that descends when true intimacy unfolds, I love it when the physicality of the body transcends to a pure poetry.

What kind of people do you most like as clients?  How do you feel about massaging women?

I don’t have any preferences.  Every meeting and sensual massage encounter is a meaningful journey into the depths and heights of the senses. A deep connection is achieved and it makes both myself and the recipient feel amazing.

If you could categorize your typical clients, how would that be?   

For me, they are all beautiful embodiments of god. I meet all kinds of wonderful gents and ladies and I cannot categorize any of them. 

Have you ever been tempted to go ‘beyond the call of duty’ because there’s chemistry with a particular client?

I am a sensual being, the intimate settings of the soft candlelight, beautiful music, soft, sensuous touch naturally awakens my arousal, however, the temptation and tease is part of erotic massage mastery. I never go beyond giving an exciting, powerful erotic massage. I have my boundaries and I feel there is no need to go beyond them.

What do you do to help clients who are really nervous?

I embrace the clients who feel nervous. It makes them feel instantly at ease.

Do you enjoy giving a 4 hand massage? Is it fun to have a Forever Tantric colleague to work with? Do you have strong chemistry with any particular masseuse? 

I do. It’s wonderful to work with another Masseuse who has the same ideas about erotica and pleasure. Sasha and I have a strong bond and give a very special 4 hand massage.

What about the other exotic variants of Forever Tantric massage? Wet and Wild, The Foot Fetish Massage etc..Which massages do you enjoy most and why? 

I love water and playing in the bath or shower. I love how it gives different sensations and leads to a more profound sense of relaxation and a deeper connection.

Jessie what’s been your most memorable massage experience?

After coming back from the heights of the sensual journey, we are both drifting in that beautiful afterglow. This happens within all my sensual massage experiences so they are all memorable.


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