The Benefits of Erotic Massage Therapy

The Benefits of Erotic Massage London Therapy

The Benefits of Erotic Massage London Therapy

Erotic Massage London Therapy has been liberated from the austere, impersonal clinical model of therapeutic massage. Erotic Massage London Therapy incorporates a fusion of Swedish Massage and a large sprinkle of seductive touch. This does not imply that sexual intercourse is on the menu. On the contrary, erotic massage London therapy is purely sensual massage – an explosive symphony of touch and body to body massage techniques. Erotic massage can be likened to a sensual feast. The human body was designed to be massaged and in this frenetic society, we all crave the power of touch and love to be pampered from head to toe. The majority of people love being touched, yet sadly we do not make time for this important form of relaxation therapy. Humans are born to give massage. We are born to give pleasure with our hands and we are all highly capable of giving some form of massage. Without sex, the recipient receives an hour or more of immense physical pleasure and every muscle and joint is eased of tension. It is one of life’s most delicious experiences: a full body massage should be experienced by all.

The Benefits of Erotic Massage London Therapy

Breaking the Cycle of Tension

Massage is ‘educated touching.’ It breaks the vicious cycle of tension. During an erotic massage you are present, whole and alive. The world seems to slow down to its natural pace and a feeling of serenity overshadows life’s demands and tensions. Erotic massage London Therapy creates an exquisite range of sensations which are extremely pleasurable and mood enhancing. The pure sensory pleasure is profound and the recipient feels wonderfully relaxed.

Erotic Massage restores and energises the entire body. Great changes take place within the body and the recipient feels an emotional calm – similar to a deep meditative state, thus allowing you to think more clearly.  The body becomes more alert and responsive as specific tissues feel the effect of each massage stroke.

Massage combats Depression, Anxiety and Fatigue

Erotic Massage increases the blood flow and accelerates the lymph system. A simple 5-minute massage boosts blood supply by 85%! Consequently, this increases oxygen content of the tissues by 15%, which act as the body’s natural painkiller. By oxygenating the brain, one’s general frame of mind will be enhanced and aches, pains and fatigue will dissipate. The fluid release effect of massage accelerates the body’s natural cleansing process and the benefits are huge. It is impossible to escape from anxiety, depression and fatigue if your muscles are drenched in toxins. Pills will only mask the effects. It is important to work on the body to eradicate stress. Massage helps the body get rid of these toxic fluids that keep muscles tense and clears tension-causing chemicals, thus, leaving you energized and revitalized. Oxygen is pumped into the tissues, replacing these toxic wastes and as blood rich oxygen soars within the body, you are left feeling invigorated and refreshed. Massage reaches the nervous system and soothes the nerves. Acidic wastes irritate the nerves which can cause moroseness, apathy and even muscle cramps. Fluid release massage strokes squeeze acidic wastes out of the tissues, resulting in a better sense of well-being. If chemical irritants remain trapped in the muscles, one experiences even more stress.  Fluid release massage sequences dispel acidic wastes, thus, breaking the cycle of stress, restoring the body back to its natural peaceful, calm state. Circulation massage strokes open the tiny valves in the capillaries, thus, increasing blood flow and slowing down the heart. This dramatic effect on the heart cannot be duplicated outside of massage. The vascular system is toned which has obvious benefits. Your health is your wealth so make erotic massage your mission!

The deep waves of sensual pleasure that envelop one’s body during an erotic massage are second to none. The only way to get to Paradise it to go there! It’s luxurious, uplifting and exhilarating.

Massage is a Drugless Therapy

The feeling of loneliness and dejection can be dispelled very quickly by erotic massage therapy. Sadly many people today turn to stimulants such as drugs and alcohol as a means of relaxation. A full body massage is so much healthier for the body and mind. It does not have injurious after effects and instead of drowsiness and headaches, which result from the use of such stimulants, massage refreshes the body and mind and makes a profound difference to one’s general state of well-being.

In summary, Masseurs view many psychological issues as a purely physical phenomenon. Focus on the body creates enhanced mood changes that last for days. Thus, Masseurs reduce stress by working on the body, as opposed to the mind.  Rarely can tension be completely solved with ‘talking therapy.’ Overall a full body erotic massage has enormous health benefits as well as providing some form of non-sexual intimacy. In our stressful modern society, it makes perfect Forever Tantric sense to massage those woes away with a professional erotic massage.

Personally, I like the following quotation: ‘People are so accustomed to thinking of the body as an instrument or a tool of the mind that they accept its relative deadness as a normal state. They measure bodies in pounds and inches and compare their shape with idealised forms, completely ignoring the fact that what is important is how the body feels. The discovery that the body has a life of its own and the capacity to heal itself is a revelation of hope.’

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