How Do You Massage Your Prostate

How Do You Massage Your Prostate?

Many men have only ever had their doctor examine their prostate for health and medical reasons, so it is understandable that they might become nervous or unsure of the idea of a prostate massage. But it can be an incredibly enlightening, hugely pleasurable experience if done in the correct way. So how do you massage your prostate?

It is a little like flatpack furniture, you can do it by yourself but it is easier if another person helps! The angle, and depth of anal penetration required to reach the prostate gland can be somewhat tricky alone – although prostate massage is regularly performed solo.

It is recommended to instead relax and let someone else do all the hard work, while you reap the benefits of this intense experience with waves of ecstatic pleasure.

The prostate gland sits about two to four inches inside the anal canal, just below the bladder. It is round and feels like a smooth marble. The prostate can be lightly stimulated externally by firmly touching the perineum but it is more successful to stimulate the gland inside the anus with well lubricated fingers or specific prostate massage toy.

The best way to start a prostate massage is by encouraging the receiver to relax and regulate their breathing. The best way to do this is with an all over body to body massage, awakening nerve endings and using sensual soothing strokes to relax the muscles and allow for a gentle and effective prostate massage.

The skin to skin contact also helps to create an intimate, trusting connection between giver and receiver, breaking down any barriers and quashing any wariness.

Agree a plan of action, and use plenty of lubricant around and inside the anus. Once the receiver is ready and feeling suitably relaxed, insert a finger, or toy, inside the anus. Give the receiver the chance to adjust to the new sensation before pushing forward to find the secret Sacred Spot.

Curl your fingers upward in a come hither motion to successfully reach your destination. It is vitally important to communicate clearly throughout so that there is no ambiguity or discomfort and ensure a safe and pleasurable experience for all parties.

Be confident and firm with your touch once you reach the prostate. Successful stimulation requires a continual massage in a kneading motion, rather than a tickle. Although a plethora of touches and the variety of gentle and deeper pressure can drive some men wild. The prostate is surrounded by lots of nerve endings which are rarely touched – which is why it is so sensitive and brings such euphoria!

A prostate massage regularly results in a highly explosive climax but it is important to note that this is not an invitation to sexual intercourse at Forever Tantric. 

Our tantric massages bring even greater joy with prolonged sensual sensation and a feeling of pure, unadulterated liberation! 

Want some help with your first prostate massage experience? We have a whole host of Sacred Spot masseuses who would be delighted to take your call. 

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