Benefits Of A Yoni Massage

The Benefits Of A Yoni Massage

It is widely believed that the sole purpose of any tantric massage is to promote and entice pleasure. It’s not a totally incorrect presumption, as it is about reconnecting with your feelings and enjoying exquisite touch. But feeling wonderful isn’t it’s only raison d’etre – there are a whole host of benefits to tantric touch.

Women, particularly, gain massively from tantric massage. Stereotypically more emotive and sensitive, women can use the opportunity to reclaim themselves, take control of their body, relax and improve their self confidence.

A delicate flower of femininity

The benefits of a yoni massage specifically can be tenfold – and hugely empowering for women. The yoni massage concentrates on the delicate flower of femininity, giving a woman a chance to destress through indulging in the sensual touch of the vagina and vulva. It allows women to learn more about their body, from the inside out, as well as improve any ailments and create an uplift in self esteem.

Tantric massage helps with boosting circulation and stimulating blood flow throughout the body. For this reason, a yoni massage can be really soothing for women who suffer with painful menstruation, as targeted massage can help to encourage better blood flow in the area.

A yoni massage can also help to tackle painful sexual intercourse, by teaching techniques to aid muscle relaxation through controlled breathing and channelling positive energies into the area.

Break down barriers and improve your sex life

The benefits of a yoni massage also include increased sensuality and libido. Not only that but an improvement in orgasm potential is likely too because you will be more in tune with your own body – your own likes, dislikes, and feelings. This newly found self connection and tantric balance helps to clear the mind and makes room for a more intense, extraordinary orgasm.

The total exposure of your most sacred place and, therefore, exposure of vulnerability, means a yoni massage can significantly help with worries and concerns surrounding sexual confidence, sensual vitality, trust and intimacy.

It can help a woman to recover from a traumatic experience by breaking down barriers and building trust from a positive starting point, in an environment where touch is gentle, healing and pleasurable.

Adoration and worship

Tantric tradition means that a woman is worshipped and the yoni is honoured and adored. The benefit of this is that the whole experience – which tends to last between 60 and 90 minutes – leaves a woman feeling special, important, comfortable, energised and invigorated.

And because the woman is solely a recipient of pleasure and touch, there is no pressure to perform for a partner. This allows a slow and thought-out opportunity to explore what your body enjoys and how you respond to tantric touch. Release negative energy and harness positive energy, while reconnecting your body and mind.

Let go of your anxieties and find yourself, your pleasure points and some inner peace, through yoni massage. Be proud of who you are and what lies beneath!

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