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Improving Intimacy in your Relationship with Tantric Massage

One of the most frequently used reasons for divorce is a lack of communication, yet sex and passion are intimately linked with communication. Without communication in a partnership, there is no sexual passion in a marriage. A truly happy marriage is one that  can be defined  as ‘being best friends’ ‘who have chemistry and passion together.’

It is imperative to discuss the exact role of intimacy in a relationship and how each partner has a different role. Knowing how to feed the blame of intimacy is crucial. Scientists and psychologists have proved, time and time again, that when it comes to intimacy, both genders react differently. Unfortunately, the majority of couples refuse to try to understand these differences, thus, leading to a breakdown in their relationship.

Men are visual creatures and are quick to become aroused and to reach orgasm too, particularly by looking at the naked woman’s body, lingerie, videos and magazines.  Women take a lot longer to become aroused but once they achieve that orgasmic state, they’re pretty much able to maintain that plateau of pleasure for a while. Since these two sexual patterns are so contrary, it takes many couples a lot to achieve mutual satisfaction.

This is precisely why Tantric Massage can safely be utilised as sensual foreplay between Couples in order to warm each other up. There is a lot of misunderstanding  when it comes to the World of Tantra, many people believing it is a ‘mere body rob’ and quick ‘happy ending.’ On the contrary, Tantric Massage is much more profound than simply a sexual release.

Without sounding overly spiritual, tantric massage promotes spiritual awakening within the body through the mediation of touch. Tantra is meant to bring a sense of joy to both the giver of the massage and the recipient. Because this type of massage increases sensual energy flow throughout the body it is even possible to achieve a full body orgasm without having one’s genitals touched! Many couples report an improved sex life and great benefits through the healing method of Tantric Massage.  Certainly, our Massage clients, who have experienced the beauty of a Couples Massage, have learnt and re-used elements of Tantra in their relationship. It really is such fun and makes an incredibly erotic difference to our lovely Couples.  When Tantric Massage is performed between lovers it strengthens the connection between the Couple and increases sensual intimacy which is key.

The Benefits of Tantric Massage

Not all benefits of tantric massage are necessarily related to arousal. For example, improved breathing is a health benefit. The breathing technique applied to tantric massage is similar to meditation. Improved breathing improves alertness. Many male clients have reported a new found confidence as well as feeling more motivated in the workplace so that’s got to be a huge bonus!

Body and Mind Relaxation

Tantric massage is a wonderful way in which to release physical and emotional pain. Some clients have confirmed they feel less ‘guilty’ and less ‘fearful’ after receiving a Forever Tantric Massage.  Relaxation aids healing of the body from injury and inspires one to feel more energised and active. Surely we all crave more energy?

Beginning Tantric Massage

Before commencing The Couples tantric Massage is crucial to bear certain elements in mind such as:

Creating a Comfortable, Sensuous Atmosphere

This is the first step to a tantalizing Tantric Massage. To some people, this may be obvious, but believe me – it isn’t to everybody! Place warm, fluffy towels over the bed with a few pretty petals, set the bedroom to a moderate temperate and allow for dim lighting – scented candles work a treat. Add some burning vanilla incense – vanilla is the essence which most gents adore – proven I hear! The aural senses need to be stimulated and thrilled with soft, sensuous, uplifting tunes  – not whale music or random rainforest tunes! Dullness denigrates the ambience. Music sets the mood so always good to choose wisely.

Mutual Relations

When a true Tantric Massage is given, it’s crucial that the giver and receiver focus on the connection between them. This energy will promote a healthy intimacy. Pay attention to how the receiver reacts to certain pressure points and focus on these areas longer.

Sexual Performance

It is imperative to understand that Tantra Massage is not really about sexual practice. It is all about focusing on the creation of a very sensuous mood between two people and aligning the energies of their bodies. It is supposed to be profoundly peaceful and mind altering.

The Massage Oil

As well as your expert hands and full body massage pleasure, the key ingredient to a Luxury Tantric Massage is a top quality, hypoallergenic oil which acts as a natural lubricant. At Forever Tantric we have invested in the very best tantric massage oil which bears our cute Forever Tantric logo yet has no scent – which will only irritate those sensitive areas. Using baby oil, cheap nasty massage oils is a huge NO, NO. The massage oil has to be kind to the skin and body.

Tantric Massage – Be sexy!

Use your hands, body to body massage techniques, your hair, lips, soft silky scarves. Be confident, imaginative and move like a ballerina around his body, arching your back,  proudly displaying your feminine curves and features.

So all London Couples – there is no need for talking therapy – we invite you to An Art Form of Seductive Tantric Massage Therapy here in London. As an adult massage company we have been operating for over 8 years and we are proud of our wonderful Team of Tantric Treasures. Feel free, add intimacy to your lives and seek adventure with Forever Tantric.


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