The Forever Tantric Team – An Insight Into Our World

As a company we believe in regular Forever Tantric meetings – whether that is a simple coffee and catch up, a trip to London zoo, going to the cinema and ever so occasionally being spoiled with a lavish lunch! I strongly believe it’s crucial for all of my truly remarkable Tantric Masseuses to meet and connect – especially as they often perform 4 hand massages together.  Yet there’s so much more to these cool meetings.  Often, being a discrete Tantric Masseuse can be liberating, exciting and uplifting. However, it can also be rather isolating at times, thus, when our masseuse therapists meet, they love to talk about their profession, practice massaging each other, frequent tantric festivals, travel together and this helps them feel a sense of ‘belonging’ to a good Team. This sense of ‘belonging’ and ‘unity’ is important to humanity in general – crucial in every profession.

We have some truly kind long-term clients who have become our dearest friends. Namely, Professor Peach who has taken us all out for the most delectable dinners!  Not wishing to boast, as this is not our typical lifestyle, our beloved Professor Peach (clearly a nickname) has treated The Forever Tantric Team to exquisite fine dining experiences at the Ivy, the Bar Boulud at The Mandarin Oriental, The Ritz, Le Caprice in Piccadilly, The Wolseley and Langan’s Brasserie.  After sampling the most delicious wonders of haute cuisine, our Mr. Professor then treats us to a cheeky gamble in the Ritz Casino and occasionally the Sheraton Park Tower Casino. These truly magnanimous treats are unbelievably blissful on every occasion and we all get to experience a different World- a world of luxury and fabulous food!  It’s exciting and so much fun. We chatter, laugh, relax and appreciate the wonderment and luxury. Professor Peach naturally adores having so many pretty young ladies around him.  In fact, we joke and call him Hugh Hefner! The Huge Heffner of the tantric massage world!

Several years ago, he kindly treated us to lunch at Le Caprice. Within an instant, he was approached and asked if he was involved in the imminent Miss World Contest! This is the absolute truth and we all laughed yet in fact, that could very well have been the case!  Whilst dining in the Ivy, he was also approached by a handsome, suited gent who inquisitively enquired what aftershave he was wearing to have allured and attracted so many gorgeous girls to his table! This charming gentleman was quite frankly stupefied and particularly envious. We are exceptionally lucky to know and have such clients. Of course, we don’t expect such luxurious treats and never would. We consider ourselves blessed to have met some of them and to have such committed regulars.

As the owner of Forever Tantric, I make it my personal mission to get to know the Masseuses exceedingly well. I introduce them to my adorable receptionists so each receptionist is fully aware of each masseuse’s character traits, their passions and style. It is so important to know each and every Masseuse intimately so you can ensure that every client’s preference is met when they call to book a sensual London massage.  Some clients prefer demure, sensitive Tantric Masseuses, others ask for the fun and quick-witted, chatty types. We cater for all. Fortunately, our female and male clients opt for petite blondes, tall blondes, curvaceous brunettes, Antipodeans, super sexy Spanish Massage Specialists, The English Rose, passionate Italians and so forth. Fortunately, in life, we all have different ‘types’ and our attraction to others varies. On some London Massage websites, the potential client does not even have the choice into seeing a Gallery of  Masseuses. I disagree with this method completely. I was the first London Massage Company to display a Gallery of gorgeous Masseuses over 8 years ago. Why? Because it’s detrimental to every single human being to see who is going to turn up at your hotel and massage you intimately and sensuously. To see the options is imperative to women and especially to men who are even more visual by nature. These clients know sexual intercourse is not on the agenda – they simply wish to CHOOSE their preferred Masseuse and that’s understandable. I would feel the same. I have felt the same.  What if a certain Masseuse arrives at your London abode or hotel and you feel zero attraction or connection. The sensual tantric massage experience would be a complete disaster!  There has to be an element of initial attraction which is exciting and arousing.

Initially, I chose to display my Team of Masseuses wearing lingerie on my first website but after some deliberation, I thought this may promote sexual services as opposed to Tantric Massage. Furthermore, a potential client can clearly detect that each masseuse is classy, well presented and attractive. They have enviable figures, natural good looks and SUPER BIG SMILES! This is crucial. So many Masseuses arrive at the client’s location frowning and unenthused. They cannot communicate with you often – predominately because their English language skills are poor and also because they just cannot be bothered – an even bigger disappointment.  It’s a complete turn off!  My Dream Team of Tantric London Massage Specialists LOVE Tantic Massage. They exude warmth, passion, charm, humility, grace and enthusiasm. That’s the reason we have made a success of Forever Tantric and it is why other massage companies attack us – envy only leads to bad Karma.

So you now have a little insight into another wonderful part of our Forever Tantric World. We believe in giving complete Tantric Pleasure and having some pleasure ourselves. Come and join our World of Purely Tantric Imagination.

Heidi Moore x

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