Four Hands Tantric Massage

What Can You Expect from a Four Hands Massage?

What is a Four Hands Massage?

What could be better than one masseuse giving your body their undivided attention? Yes, you guessed it, two masseuses! In a four hands massage, two tantric temptresses work in total tandem to deliver a unique massage experience that will simultaneously stimulate the senses. But what can you expect from a four hands massage?

Renowned to provide a deeper state of relaxation, the Four Hands Massage relies upon the therapists being perfectly paired and well practised, with a clever connection that allows them to be so in tune with each other that they subconsciously know the other’s next move and how best to respond to the recipient. 

This allows them to work so closely together that the human brain is unable to keep up with the seamless strokes of four hands rather than two so stops trying and relaxes completely instead.

What Can You Expect from a Four Hands Massage?

Your two chosen tantric treats will discreetly arrive at your hotel room or residence with all the tricks and talent they need for your fantastic double bubble experience. Ensure that the dynamic duo have plenty of space to move around your body freely during the massage and that wherever you are is calm and serene without interruption.

They will seductively remove their clothes and give you a moment to fully appreciate the female form before they use their masterful touch to caress and excite every inch of your exposed form. Both girls work together to rhythmically tackle the tension and stress held in your body.

Give up control and allow the girls to melt away all your stresses and strains. Instead concentrate on your breathing and let your body respond exactly as it wishes. Embrace the positive, rejuvenating energy, relax and enjoy.

A four hands massage will leave you feeling refreshed, confident and recharged with renewed energy for days to come.

But don’t forget – for double the fun, expect to pay double the cost. As two therapists are required for the massage, you will be charged for both their time and their skills.

What are the benefits?

If the massage is done well, the dynamic duo will work as one, connected in touch and concurrent in movement. The synchronised moves mean the client is unable to keep track of all four hands so instead succumbs completely and relaxes into the immeasurable pleasure. If you struggle to completely let go during a massage, this is a great option for you.

Touch is soothing and arouses feelings of safety and trust. The need for physical contact lies within us all and the dual action of the four hands massage creates an even greater response from your body.

It is highly likely that with a Four Hands Massage you will experience a more intense, deep level of therapeutic relaxation. With the total relaxation of the mind, the body soon follows, meaning muscles become more flexible and easier to work with. This means the tantric goddesses can perform more intense muscle treatment with a more pliable form.

In today’s modern world, stress, fast paced living and anxiety are prevalent. And many people live life perpetually exhausted. By giving yourself the opportunity to totally switch off and experience a state of total rest you are likely to experience better, untroubled sleep patterns and a sense of feeling free and unburdened.

Give yourself the opportunity to experience an all encompassing sensual discovery with a Four Hands Massage from one of our delectable duos. We have plenty of tantric treats to choose from! Try something new today – we promise you’ll never look back!

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