The Naked Truth About Tantric Massage

The Naked Truth About Tantric London Massage

Tantric Massage London Therapy can be defined as a form of ‘naturism’ in that these healing and seductive massages are performed with both the masseuse and recipient being completely nude. The masseuse utilises her entire body as a massage tool to promote blissful relaxation, energy flow and arousing sensations. Despite various misconceptions, these tantric massages do not involve sexual interaction. It can, however, be said that Tantra does promote ‘a philosophy of social nudism or ‘Freikorperkultur’ as the Germans term it. A very liberating philosophy.

In this world full of expensive gadgets designed to ‘apparently’ increase one’s general happiness, it is enormously refreshing to think that we can simply give so much pleasure by using our hands. Different folk may resort to other forms of relaxation, however, so many people swear by tantric massage as the ultimate method of achieving comfort, full body relaxation and immense pleasure. This form of massage is an exquisitely sensual experience, beyond imagination.

Skin to Skin

The reasoning behind Tantra’s distinctively open-minded approach to erotic massage is because unlike regular massage, Tantric Massage is more sensual and involves massaging your entire body, literally from head to toe, incorporating all those erogenous zones and sensitive areas. Skin to skin is a powerful thing! It would be impossible to stimulate all the recipient’s senses fully clothed. Tantra is all about discovering the beauty of touch and experiencing a sensual awakening. Tantric Massage releases the dormant energy that is present in your body and helps to awaken the ‘Kundalini.’ Kundalini is the energy present at the tip of your spine. When this energy is awakened, it starts the body’s healing process. Thus, allowing you to lead a happier, more fulfilling life. Tantra promotes the belief that sexually happy people are generally more content and lead a healthier life. At Forever Tantric Headquarters, we certainly promote this belief with our sublime sensual massages merged with Tantric techniques and body to body massage techniques. You will most certainly experience a whole new level of bliss, after having received a Forever Tantric full body to body massage!

Tantric Massage Heals Emotionally

An executive tantric massage London agency will not solely focus on touching the physical body. This ancient art form of healing massage should also aim to enhance one’s emotional well-being. Stress is a major killer in this hectic modern world. The pressures of making endless decisions, work stress and managing a family can cause many physical, mental and sexual disorders that prevent people from fully enjoying what life has to offer. Tantric therapy is a stress-busting massage allowing you to fully relax and completely clear your mind. Furthermore, on a psychological level, surrendering your entire body and placing your trust in your personal masseuse helps to relieve physical pain, fear and guilt. Some individuals may be apprehensive about letting go of their inhibitions, however, if you relax, let go and put your trust in your masseuse you will discover the wonderment and joy of such a magnificent massage therapy.

Sadly, some individuals may have endured some form of sexual trauma in life, which naturally causes negative feelings towards touch, inevitably inhibiting their sexual drive and awareness. This is known as ‘Genital Armouring,’ a concept developed by the Austrian/American psychiatrist Wilhelm Reich. (1897-1957). As the result of an unpleasant sexual experience, the body’s response is to totally block physical pleasure. Tantric Massage London Therapy will help to diminish these blocks, allowing you to overcome genital armouring by slowly massaging away such tension with a loving, gentle and compassionate massage approach. What makes an Executive Tantric London Massage different to a mere ‘body rub massage’ is the intention behind it – to heal rather than solely to arouse. Tantra is all about celebrating and cherishing one’s body. There is nothing sinful about experiencing sensual pleasure. Tantric teachers believe that the body is a temple within which the soul lives. Feeling such contentment and empowerment brings inner peace and harmony, ultimately making you a happier, healthier person.

Tantric Massage leads to self-awareness

Contrary to popular belief, Tantric practices are not a fast track process to achieving orgasm. Feeling your entire body absorbed in tender touch and erotic sensation is a core part of Tantra. Thus, the main aim of Tantric Massage is to turn erotic pleasure from a purely genital experience into a ‘whole-body’ sensual experience. Orgasm becomes a vibration that can be felt from head to toe, rather than solely in the genitals. Naturally, experiencing the heady delights of having every inch of your body caressed and tenderly massaged, will help you to understand how your body works, how you enjoy being touched as well as discovering your erotic ‘hot’ spots or secret pleasure zones! In many cultures around the world sex education is inadequate, leaving both genders unprepared for the pleasure of sensuality or sexual interaction. A Forever Tantric London Massage is the best way to learn about your body so when you do finally interact with a partner, you know what excites you most.

Super Erotic

Tantra’s slow reassuring massage strokes merged with tantalising touch and body to body massage techniques makes the adventure super erotic and for many men, it is the ultimate turn-on to have the woman in total control. Typically, most men are not used to relinquishing control and are more likely to be expected to be the ‘performer.’ Giving up control and being more submissive can be powerfully erotic.

A Brief Tantric History

Tantra means a passageway of spiritual awakening and has a strong foundation in Eastern culture and philosophy. It’s history spans back into more than 7,000 years with roots in Hinduism, Taoism and Buddhism. In Tantric philosophy, Shiva is the intrinsic masculine aspect of a person and Shakti if the female aspect. Shiva and Shakti are intended to be united which is thought to bring balance to the mind, body and soul. This balance is said to improve the quality of a person’s life and lead to inner harmony. Tantra comes from the Sanskrit word ‘tan,’ which means ‘expansion,’ or ‘manifestation.’ It expands and manifests one’s sexual energy throughout the body. Tantric Massage is built on the foundation of sensuous touch and involves massages all parts of the body. You will learn to experience pleasure throughout the entire body, not solely focusing on the Lingam or Yoni.’

In Summary

To sum it up, Tantric Massage is not simply an adult massage that provides immense pleasure. It is a nurturing and healing massage which promotes a positive state of mental well-being, inner peace and happiness. It has major health benefits such as improving one’s blood circulation, relieving stress and pent up tension as well as helping you abandon your inhibitions and insecurities – ultimately making you a happier person.

Here at Forever Tantric, we have been offering this exhilarating and rapturous massage concept in London for more than eight years. We have perfected this fine art of seductive massage and we welcome you on this journey towards incredible pleasure, connection with another being and increased happiness.


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