Celebrities love for Tantric Massage and Tantric Sex

Celebrities love for Tantric Massage and Tantric Sex

Over the past 10 years Tantric Massage has become a worldwide trend – even amongst well-known celebrities. Naturally Tantric sex offers more than pure tantric massage, however, it often commences with a sensual tantric massage with most celebrities.

The most famous celebrity who openly speaks about Tantra is songwriter and musician Sting. He was, in fact, one of the first celebrities to celebrate tantric massage, as well as tantric sex, boasting of marathon sessions of lovemaking through Tantra.

More surprising, Puff Daddy, is a huge Tantric fan, claiming a staggering thirty-six hour Tantra session!

The absolute stunning Scarlett Johannson has also been associated for having a penchant for tantric massage pleasure, yet is more coy about the subject matter. No doubt, every male will fantasise about this exquisite actress partaking in tantric pleasure!

The wife of the sensational actor, Tom Hanks, has also bravely revealed the secret to their happy marriage; tantric massage and tantric sex! The lovely Tom Hanks is less open about his enjoyment of this ancient technique.

Tantric sex does not necessarily include sexual exploration. It is all about body to body intimacy and establishing a deeper connection with one’s partner.

Sting describes this perfectly stating Tantric sex can simply be about caressing one’s partner, relishing a sensual massage together and enjoying a mutual bathing ritual. This inevitably promotes a loving connection and pleasure.

Somray Pokras also rightly claims that Tantra and Tantric Massage is not merely about sexual enhancement. He states that this pleasurable ancient practice is sadly not utilised my most people in the modern world. Yes, it teaches people to be more aware of their body, their erogenous zones, the power of touch as well as the heightened sexual flow of energy increased within the body. Tantra is deeply pleasurable and can easily improve intimacy, which every Being craves.

Tanta is a spiritual practice with roots in Buddhism and Hinduism. It is not surprising that this 6000-year-old practice is now being promoted by famous celebrities as well as endless tantric massage companies.

The frenzy of this magical experience has aroused celebrity interest has “put it on the map,” according To Judy Kuriansky, author of “The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Tantric Sex.” Worth purchasing or simple read Forever Tantric Massage® London’s blogs on Tantric Massage to learn more of this Art of seductive massage technique. It is extremely powerful and all gentlemen, couples and ladies should experience this fabulous form of massage.

At Forever Tantric we purely offer Tantric Massage in London and have been doing so for over 8 years. Our masseuses are passionate about Tantra and all highly trained. Celebrity or not, enter our Tantric Massage World to have a life-changing adventure. Find time for human connection, intimacy and exhilaration.

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