The Pleasure of a Nude Body to Body London Massage

The Pleasure of a Nude Body to Body London Massage

An Executive London Tantric Massage typically entails receiving a glorious nude body to body massage in the comfort of your home or hotel. Both the Massage Therapist and recipient are both fully naked and despite certain misconceptions, the entire magical experience involves zero sexual interaction. Whilst a regular therapeutic Swedish London Massage soothes one’s minor physical and mental bruises, an Executive nude body to body London Massage provides the Greatest form of full relaxation for your mind, body and soul. It helps to integrate your mind and body, thus facilitating sexual energy and orgasm.

Forever Tantric’s nude body to body London Massages involve massaging every inch of the client’s torso – no areas are left untouched. Having your entire body caressed, soothed and massaged awakens all of your senses and certainly helps female and male clients to regain their lost vigour! Our splendid form of naturist massage also has enormous health benefits; relieving stress and tension, stimulating your immune system and the empowering after feeling increases one’s sexual confidence, as you learn more about your body and your likes and dislikes.

These sensational nude body to body London Massages are all about celebrating and cherishing your one’s body. After all, your body is your Temple!

Furthermore, Tantric nude body to body massage enables men to finally relinquish control in their lives for a moment and be submissive. The Masseuse is in complete control. On a psychological level, most men are not used to relinquishing control. They are predominately expected to ‘perform,’ which adds pressure. With this magical massage men learn to enjoy and understand the manner in which they experience full body massage pleasure – instead of simply focusing on the lingam. Allowing a Masseuse to take the lead and relinquish control can be very erotic. It also allows men to understand what if feels like to be receptive and this ultimately makes them more sensitive. Men can experience high levels of bodily pleasure, without simply focusing on ejaculation.

The Essentials of an Executive Nude Body to Body Massage in London

Since Tantric nude massage is a ritual performed for freeing the mind and body from an accumulation of stress, there are requisites that must be followed in order to offer the best body to body experience. Before giving the massage certain essentials should be put into place.

Create a Serene Ambiance

The massage room must be super clean, quiet and intimate and the ambience playful and relaxing. The bed should be comfortable, inviting and covered in fresh linen and warm towels. Harsh lighting should be avoided. Aromatic candles and incense sticks create an ultra-relaxing atmosphere and soft, gentle music will set the scene.

Ask the Massage Recipient to Lie face down

Initially, the client will lie face down on the bed so as to experience an absolute full body massage. Most of the important pressure points are located in the back of the body. Nude body to body massage is about slowly and gradually enticing the recipient and ensuring sensual energy flow throughout the entire body. After a beautiful introduction to the back of the client, he/she turns over to experience the frontal massage and the alluring view.

Continuous and stable Breathing

Continuous stable breathing throughout the massage increases the flow of oxygen in the body and helps to fully relax the mind. Taking in slow, deep breaths helps to relax one’s body and make the body to body massage more enjoyable.

The Massage Strokes

When it comes to nude body to body massage, it is crucial the Masseuse uses slow and gentle strokes, unrushed and arousing. Every part of the recipient’s body requires special attention. Long, smooth, circular stokes are also applied. Tantric nude massage is about experiencing the body to the fullest and this can be achieved utilising gentle, loving strokes and caresses.

Utilise a Decent Massage Oil

It is wise to use an unscented massage oil so as not to irritate those sensitive areas of the body. At Forever Tantric we have our own brand of supreme massage oil – made by the very best in Germany. It is a silicone based massage oil which moisturises, conditions and lubricates the client’s body. This supreme lubricant is superb for those beautiful nude body to body massages glides and slides!

Be Friendly, Warm and Kind

There is no point having an intimate nude massage if the Masseuse is ill-mannered and cold. The massage receiver should feel the warmth of the massage giver throughout the entire experience. Establishing a good rapport before the massage begins and trying to relax your client is extremely important. The main objective of this type of massage is to awaken all the body’s senses so if the recipient feels uncomfortable – it would defeat the purpose of this massage. It is important to be professional as a Masseuse yet also be naturally warm, passionate and happy!

At Forever Tantric we provide these super stress-busting nude body to body London Massages to you in the comfort and privacy of your home or hotel. We have been in business for over 8 years now and have the friendliest Masseuses in London! They are all sensuous by nature, love their tantric massage profession and aim to please. Why not try something novel today – relish the soothing touch of a Forever Tantric nude body to body massage. Your Pleasure is, indeed, our Pleasure.

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