Adult Massage

Adult Massage – What Is It?

Most people have heard of an adult massage. An adult massage, sometimes referred to as an erotic massage, is relaxing, enjoyable and helps to boost your sex drive and it definitely helps to revive every portion of your body.

A London adult massage offers many direct and indirect benefits to the recipient and is suitable for both sexes to enjoy, independently and you can even add a whole new dimension of intimacy with a couples massage. An adult, erotic massage is relaxing and helps to relieve muscular tension, additionally, it increases the skin’s sensitivity and can turn a bad day into a positive one with just a touch of an experience fabulous masseuses hand. One of the best times to enjoy an adult massage is after a long hard day at work. What better way to relax and unwind than with a natural connectivity that both relaxes you, relieves stress and that can help you release all that pent up anxiety.

Types of Adult Massage

There are many different types of adult massages. We can begin with a simple relaxing massage where all that is required is that you, the recipient,  lie down on your stomach. The masseuse then stands at the top of your head and places her hands against the top of your back. Then, the masseuse slides her palms down, gently yet firmly down your back towards your bottom like she is stretching the skin towards your feet. The masseuse will then massage your bottom and continue to slide her hands along your flank and back towards your armpits before arriving at the starting position. This movement will be repeated and the pressure will be increased to relieve stress. The best masseuses, like our perfect Forever Tantric team, will synchronize their actions with your breathing patterns by pressing downward as you exhale and upward as you inhale.

Over time, the pressure and body position can be changed to ensure you are comfortable and getting the most from your adult massage. This type of massage stimulates the energy of the third eye located behind the forehead and removes stress and tension throughout your body while providing a sense of overall well-being. This gentle massage is great for those who are new to adult massages. As you become more comfortable, you can move into even more erotic massages with greater intimacy and a focus on specific body parts. Our bodies are intricate machines that offer enjoyment in a variety of direct and indirect erogenous zones that can add a new level of excitement and release.

Many people do not realise that the ear is a very sensitive and considered an erogenous area for many. When stimulated properly, it can send pleasure coursing through the body. Although this type of stimulation may not be right for everyone, our expert masseuses will determine which types of adult massage will work best for you.

Another great massage for beginners is the chest massage. The chest and stomach areas are sensitive areas in the body. The thin skin around the collar bone is filled with nerve endings and is very sensitive to touch. Both men and women can become aroused when the chest is stimulated. In fact, the chest is a secondary erogenous zone that when touched can cause arousal of the primary erogenous zone (the genitalia). According to a survey, approximately one-quarter of all women can reach orgasm through nipple stimulation alone. The use of hands, soft brushes and feathers can be used as a part of an adult massage.

Adult Massage & Erogenous Zones

Another area of the body that is highly erotic is the hands and arms. Many people often ignore this area; however, the crook of the elbow, the wrists and hands can be erogenous zones. These areas are very rarely caressed daily; however, they are particularly sensitive to massage and can provide intense sensations. Most adult massages will also include other areas of the body; however, if you want the ultimate, complete massage, you will want to allow your Masseuse to determine the best massage for you. Nothing is as rewarding or delightful as an adult massage given by an expert masseuse.

The glutes and derriere area also a highly erogenous area. Additionally, there are locations along the coccyx and the gluteal cleft that can be stimulated to increase testosterone and improve the health of the prostate. If you have never experienced an adult massage that includes massage along this area, you are missing out. You will experience an entirely new level of sensuality when this area is massaged correctly.

Another area often massaged is the feet. The feet are divided into four separate erogenous zones. These stimulation spots are directly related to the genitals. The lingam massage is both relaxing and arousing. If you have ever experienced reflexology, you may well understand how powerful this type of massage can be. When the four erogenous zones are stimulated, the genitals can also be stimulated, resulting in arousal and relaxation.

Adult Massage With A Forever Tantric Masseuse

An adult massage should never be rushed. An erotic massage tailored for you is designed to create a sensual and a sexy experience. You must be fully committed to the massage and entrust yourself in the hands of your masseuse.

Each Forever Tantric masseuse is both beautiful and talented. Their job is to create an environment that is relaxing and sensual. They will focus exclusively on providing you with pleasure and relaxation using a variety of techniques, including feather light touches, rolling movements and kneading to help you relax and become aroused.

Your queen will pay attention to your reactions and vary the pressure based on your reactions and your breathing patterns. Each masseuse is dedicated to ensuring you are comfortable and relaxed throughout the massage. An erotic or adult massage is an intimate experience that intentionally arouses the body through touch of secondary erogenous zones, which often results in orgasm. Both men and women can enjoy this type of massage in a fun and safe way. Adult massage will help you embrace intimacy, relax and rejuvenate your body, mind and soul.

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