The Difference in Erotic Massage and Tantric Massage

The Principal Difference in Erotic Massage and Tantric Massage

Tantric Massage can be performed by both women and men and for many Couples, tantric massage is a wonderful way in which to ignite sexual foreplay in order to get both partners fired up!

There is so much confusion and misunderstanding around the concept of Tantra and Tantric Massage. Some people automatically conjure up images of the Artist Sting and his wife freely talking about their Tantric Sex life. Tantric Massage does not involve sexual intercourse and it is not simply about a ‘happy ending massage’ or a ‘sexual release.’  Such massages given for purely sexual pleasure should be termed ‘Erotic Massage’ – certainly not Tantra.

Tantric Massage is more profound and deeper than a mere ‘happy ending massage!’ Tantra is a union of polarities – the meeting of yin and yang. (without sounding absurdly spiritual here!) Thus, Tantric Massage invites both forms of energy into the massage. Yin is the energy of relaxation – this is the kind of energy most people experience whilst having a massage at a spa, for example.  Yang is the stimulating sensual energy that flows throughout the body. Tantric massage is meant to build up and break down energy throughout the massage process so as to bring about a sense of peace and harmony to both Masseuse and recipient. And this is precisely what it does if given correctly.

Because Tantric Massage focuses on energy flow, it is quite possible to give a Tantric Massage without even touching the sexual organs! Some people even achieve a full body orgasmic experience with their clothes on! It’s very true!

To be more specific, Tantric Massage unifies one’s sexual organs with ALL the other parts of the body – a Complete union of sexual energy throughout the body. Erotic Massage, on the contrary, does not create this union and the predominant focus is giving a sensual massage followed by a happy ending. Erotic Massage is less intimate and far less connected. It can be fun and sensuous but it does not give you long lasting happiness and harmony we all crave – particularly as we hit our thirties and forties and so on.

So what are the Big Benefits of receiving a Tantric Massage?

There are endless benefits to introducing tantric massage into your life;

  1. Improved Breathing – the same breathing technique utilised within meditation is encouraged in Tantra, thus, leading you into a meditative state. This deep, relaxed breathing technique known as pranayama is intended to move energy throughout one’s body in a more effective way. Overall, regular users of Tantric Massage report an improvement in their overall breathing technique, which consequently improves one’s alertness, concentration and exercising abilities. Learning to breath properly and relax deeply improves your overall well- being. Your health is your wealth, as we all know.
  2. Body and Mind Relaxation – as well as physically relaxing your body, tantric massage can release deep issues of emotional pain. Often we feel lonely and lack intimacy in our lives. Tantric Massage provides warmth, affection and a connection with another caring human Being. The disconnectedness of life dissipates and instead, you feel more fulfilled and uplifted. Life is tough and we all need a big hug in the form of this super seductive art of tantric massage.
  3. Sleeping Soundly – naturally, when one is profoundly relaxed physically, emotionally and spiritually, sleepless nights are a thing of the past.
  4. Promoting a Healthy Intimacy Tantric Massage promotes a healthy intimacy between the Masseuse and recipient without the need for sexual intercourse. This form of intimacy can often be far better than sex. Truly. It fills that empty void within and brings you safety and assurance. The emotional and physical connection is often far deeper.
  5. Receiving Loving Gentle TouchErotic Massage can be a rushed, forced massage service. On the contrary, a Luxury Tantric Massage London Company such as Forever Tantric, offers an unhurried, unsurpassable massage service. My Tantric Team adores their profession and lovingly give the massage, encouraging pleasure with every stroke, caress and release of tension. They take their time to build up your pleasure and do this using their capable hands, their beautiful bodies, breathing techniques, feathers, silk scarves – their long, flowing hair and even their luscious eyelashes. They care about each and every company’s client and that’s what matters – it certainly matters to me as the Director of Forever Tantric. I run my business in an ethical way and always aim to please my cherished clients. If we make mistakes, I immediately confront the problem, take action and compensate my client with a free magnificent massage. This is my way and always has been.
  6. Tantric Massage is safer and more hygienic than sex – safer because it is purely sensuous massage and all of my ladies have chosen to be Tantric Massage London Therapists as opposed to London Escorts. I do not condemn escort agencies but I prefer the warmth, pleasure and healing that is offered through sensual tantric massage. I also wish to run a legitimate British Massage Company, rather than an illegal massage parlour or escort agency. Forever Tantric promotes sensuality in a professional hygienic manner and we have been doing so for over 8 years now.
  7. Tantric Massage is for ladies, men and Couples – we have seen an increase in female clients over the years who experiment with the Yoni Massage and if feels very liberating to know women are becoming more adventurous. Our professional Masseuses relish giving a yoni massage as it is more of a novelty. The London Couples Massage has had a surge of interest which proves many partners are now feeling more relaxed in their relationships to discover, explore and improve their sexual intimacy. Watching each other being sensually massaged is very arousing, thus, many Couples say they continue to utilise the Forever Tantric’s magic as part of their fantasies.
  8. Increased Awareness – tantric massage increases your awareness of your entire body as well as your awareness of your partner’s body and needs. Those people who are not aware of their personal tastes and preferences will never be able to be aware of another person’s sensuality.  That makes perfect sense! Your skin is your largest organ and as human beings, we forget how many erogenous zones we have within our bodies. Only tantric massage makes us more alert and aware which in turn increases our pleasure.
  9. Erotic Touch – Tantric massage does incorporate erotic touch, body to body massage, sensual Swedish massage and Tantric techniques. A low-end massage London agency will merely offer an erotic massage with the entire focus being on a ‘happy ending.’
  10. The entire ambience of Tantra reflects comfort and sensuality; gentle lighting, soft sensual music playing and the best quality massage oil which acts as a natural lubricant and does not irritate the skin or intimate areas. Forever Tantric uses the very best massage oil in London and worldwide. It is made by the best massage oil providers and has zero scent within which only irritates the skin. This Forever Tantric massage oil is nourishing for the skin, increases the sensual sensation of the massage and acts as a natural lubricant. Sadly many shoddy London massage agencies do not care about their massage products and are not willing to invest in the very best massage oil which naturally takes time, effort and finance. However, it is crucial and we have learnt this over the years. A  beautiful natural massage oil enhances the recipient’s pleasure and overall massage experience – our Masseuses can perform their body to body massage slides and glides with ease and grace and it goes without saying, it makes the Forever Tantric Massage super sexy!


So on a gracious and happy ending, we welcome you to the World of Executive Tantric London Massage. If you want to invest in a REAL Tantric Massage Adventure with a legitimate English Company who has been in business for over 8 years – you’re in for a true treat. I love my Team of Forever Tantric Masseuses – they are very special young ladies and have absolute passion in their Beings. One can never ‘create’ a beautiful and sensual Masseuse. It is a hard find but when you find it, you’ve struck gold. We offer a Perfect package: a Masseuse with a heart, a beautiful mind and a natural devotion to Tantra.


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