What is Nuru Massage

What is Nuru Massage?

Nuru massage is a form of erotic massage that comes from the Japanese city of Kawasaki. The word ‘nuru’ is derived from the Japanese word for ‘slippery’, so called for the special gel used instead of regular massage oil. Your masseuse will gently warm and apply the gel to both yours and her naked body, in order to really enhance the erotic sensations of the nuru massage. Like our girls’ fully body tantric massage, the masseuse uses every part of her to pleasure and relax every part of you.

Origins and History

Nuru began in Japan when laws concerning prostitution were changed so that intercourse for money became forbidden. To get around the new laws, the girls began to adopt this type of erotic massage instead, as it still made their clients very happy! In fact, Nuru Massage is said to be even better than sex – the goals and intentions of sex are fairly standard, but nothing beats the exciting unpredictability of an erotic massage. With no set aim in mind, both practitioner and client are much more free to really indulge in the sensuality of the experience. All areas of the body are attended to, without particular attention paid to any one part.

In Japan, this type of massage was originally performed on a special type of inflatable mattress to contain the massage gel, but it is washable and a towel over the bed will be fine!

This type of erotic massage has now been exported from Japan and is practiced all over the world to bring joy and relaxation to thousands of people. When it comes to adopting Nuru Massage London is no different, and you don’t have to travel to get the full, sensational experience for yourself. Just give us a call or drop us a line, and you can find out first hand why so many people keep coming back for more.

Health and Wellbeing Benefits

As well as the many benefits of massage – such as lowered blood pressure and better sleep – and the benefits of erotic massage – like improved sexual function and a reduction in premature ejaculation – Nuru Massage is also great for the skin.

Nuru gel is made from a kind of seaweed – or Nori, to give it the Japanese name. It is colourless, odourless and flavourless, but it contains many nutrients that do wonderful things for the skin. It is highly moisturising without being oily, and contains antioxidants which can help to lower your risk of infections and some types of cancer, as well as being great for your heart. They can help flush out toxins from the body along with the techniques used in this type of massage, so make sure you drink lots of water afterwards to get rid of them.

After a nuru erotic massage you will feel relaxed and soothed, as well as revitalised. After one – or more! – treatments, you will also find that your confidence is boosted both in and out of the bedroom, and you will be able to get to sleep much more easily and stay asleep for longer. With so many benefits of this type of erotic massage, you’ll definitely want to book another session!

Nuru Massage London – What to Expect

Your masseuse will arrive discreetly dressed, with everything she needs to give you the best possible experience. Once she has undressed to reveal her gorgeous curves, she will then slather them with the warm nuru gel. She will ask you to lie naked on your front on the bed, and then begin applying more nuru gel to your body with her hands. Once this is done, she will begin to use her whole body to glide and slide over you, soothing aching muscles and creating intensely arousing sensations. She will pay attention to every inch of your body, making sure that nowhere is neglected.

She will have you turn over so that she can continue the massage on your front, sliding her hands and body all over you. She will slick you both in the nuru gel, taking your experience from enticing and naughty to fully erotic. You might be unable to contain the sensations she produces in you – this is normal and expected. Just let go and allow yourself to exist in each moment; don’t anticipate anything or allow mundane thoughts to creep in. Just lie back and enjoy!

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