What Is The Difference Between Body To Body Massage and Nuru Massage

What Is The Difference Between Body To Body Massage and Nuru Massage?

It is easy to get confused between all the different types of tantric massage. We offer 14 individual options here at Forever Tantric alone. There are so many ways to indulge in such perfect pleasure by surrendering yourself to the amazing sensation of tantric touch. But while each massage type has its similarities, they are all very unique experiences.

What is the difference between Body To Body Massage and Nuru Massage for example? Both are erotic experiences. Both involve nude skin to skin contact with your masseuse, both involve two bodies gliding and sliding rhythmically together and both involve total relaxation and sensual stimulation for the receiver. But they are not the same!

The one key difference between body to body massage and Nuru massage is the special, very thick, ultra slippery gel used for Nuru massage in place of the normal massage oils used in a Body To Body Massage

The Nuru gel – made from Nori seaweed – is unlike any other massage oil used in tantric therapy. The texture of it helps to increase sensuality and significantly heightens senses, as well as increasing the ability for your masseuse to slide across your naked form. 

Due to the slippery tactility of this specific gel, the massage feels incredibly intimate. There is no bodily friction and the Nuru gel is long lasting, meaning there’s rarely a need to reapply during the massage, maximising skin to skin contact. The masseuse will use her entire body to tease and tantalise the recipient, creating a teasing, sensual massage that is hard to compare.

Because of the slippery Nuru gel, the massage can get a little messy and so is usually performed on a waterproof base, either on a bed with special sheets or a carefully covered massage table. In stark contrast, a Body To Body massage can take place on any surface that is deemed comfortable.

Both types of massage bring great health benefits such as stress relief, soothing muscle pain and aiding circulation, as well as helping with your emotional and sexual wellbeing. Plus  the Nuru gel brings an additional perk – it is full of minerals and nutrients that rehydrate the skin, making it softer and more supple.

In Body To Body massage the friction generated by the two bodies using just massage oil can be hugely stimulating in itself and some clients prefer the less messy option! Grinding and rubbing against each other gives a different closeness and sensuality that some may argue is not the same in Nuru with the gel acting as a coating between the bodies, allowing slide but also creating a barrier between the two bodies, covering the skin.

So the main difference between body to body massage and Nuru massage is the gel used in Nuru massage – Nuru meaning “slippery” or “slide”. And it does exactly as it describes.

But the only way to discover which massage type you prefer is to try them both out for size. We have a whole host of stunning girls waiting to try their tantric skills on you, their entire nude form caressing yours. It is a pleasure you cannot deny yourself.

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