How A Yoni Massage Can Be Used For Healing

How A Yoni Massage Can Be Used For Healing  

Yoni is the Sanskrit word used to describe the female genitalia. 

It is likely that this isn’t the word you would choose unless you are of a tantric persuasion. For there are many others in society with all sorts of connotations – medical, factual, funny, loving, slang, crude – the list is literally endless.

But the word ‘yoni’ is the perfect choice to describe what makes a woman female. It translates to mean ‘sacred power’ and herein lies the reason why a yoni massage is an amazing tool for healing. The word alone is strong and positive – exactly how you will feel after a yoni massage. Reclaim your yoni and the power within it through tantric therapy.

During a yoni massage, your masseuse uses tantric touch to awaken and invigorate your body, working through your erogenous zones before eventually focusing on the yoni. This starts externally, with strokes along the vulva and pubic area before your masseuse channels their energies internally to sensually stimulate, relax and arouse. 

So how can this yoni massage be used for healing? It’s simple. This tactile, unique experience works from the inside out to tackle a number of common female medical conditions and health problems such as thrush, cystitis and menstrual pain, as well as addressing problems such as lack of libido, sexual fear or pain during intercourse.

Yoni massage is worshipping and honouring the yoni through tantric therapy. The targeted sensual touch reaches the core of the woman to help alleviate symptoms and give them a chance to live a calmer, healthier lifestyle.

Yoni massage increases blood flow to the pubic area, rejuvenating the body, sensitising the yoni and helping to fight off potential diseases and infections. 

It can be very successful in helping to relieve pelvic tension or any pain suffered through teasing and caressing the yoni muscle to create a soothing, calming effect. It also clears any blockages through massaging key pressure points and stimulating the body until it reaches a natural release.

A yoni massage can be used to release physical and emotional stress as the gentle touch of your masseuse encourages you to relax and let go and tap into your sexual awareness, making you more body confident and content in your own skin.

And this intimate massage helps you to clear your mind and reconnect with your body, listening to its needs and desires and awakening your orgasmic potential. It will break down any sexual barriers, liberate stored sexual energy and allow women to gain confidence both sexually and in intimate relationships with other people.

The yoni massage also helps women to break any sexual taboo that may have been lurking, helping them to move through any shame, guilt, grief or trauma they may have previously experienced, encouraging emotional healing.

Reclaiming your yoni allows you to promote positive connotation with your most private parts, exposing your vulnerability enough to increase vitality, boost self esteem and improve your quality of life. 

This tantric treat heals emotionally and physically, alleviating symptoms of illness, giving women the chance to reaching sexual liberation, the freedom of carefree pleasure and a pain-free, joyful existence.

Feeling inspired? Book a yoni massage today and find out for yourself.

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