What’s included in a full body tantric massage

What’s included in a full body tantric massage?

For emotional and physical fulfilment, have you considered a full body tantric massage? This skin to skin sensual experience encourages you to surrender to seductive touch while your naked masseuse uses her entire body as a massage tool.

This type of massage gives you the opportunity to reach a state of complete relaxation through gentle stimulation and teaching you to be more aware of your body. 

Begin your tantric full body massage with a warm invigorating shower, to wash away the stresses of your day and prepare you for the enticement of your largest erogenous zone – your skin!

Your masseuse will also shower before she begins this intimate full body tantric massage, focussing on each part of your body in turn, coaxing and rhythmically teasing you into a blissful state.

Allow your masseuse to magically increase your sensual energy flow and give you the pleasure of a deep human connection that only a tantric touch can promise.

To the sound of calming, serene music, your masseuse will use her whole nude body to slide across yours, using an intoxicating mix of firm kneading and relaxing strokes on your torso, limbs and shoulders before moving over the rest of your body to arouse and excite you.

All our super skilled and friendly masseuses use the highest quality, warm hypoallergenic massage oil, which is also a natural lubricant.The oil is also a natural body moisturiser, so you will get the added bonus of silky smooth skin to go home in!

The oil is poured across your masseuse before she glides across your naked form, while encouraging you to concentrate on your breathing to heighten your senses. Relax, let your body respond and enjoy.

Many body to body massages culminate in an explosive climax, but it is not a sexual act. A full body tantric massage focuses on pleasure and a feeling of closeness, while freeing your body and mind.

If you are looking for a massage that promotes human contact and immeasurable intimacy, then this is for you. A full body tantric massage allows you to relax while you give in to the sensation of a loving, all-over touch.

A full body tantric massage ends back in the shower, so you are able to cleanse your invigorated skin and revel in the deep sense of serenity you will feel when you have finished.

This erotic experience can take place at your luxury hotel or private residence if you feel more comfortable in familiar surroundings and would prefer your masseuse to come to you. Alternatively, some of our girls offer in-call appointments at their beautiful Central London apartments to give you the option of a new separate environment in which to relax.  

All of our masseuses are highly professional and discreet and will always have your best interest in mind.

If you are new to tantric massage then a body to body massage is the perfect starter experience, giving you a taste of all that is to come in your tantric journey.

Take the first step today – we are awaiting your call.

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