Why You Should Choose A Nuru Massage

7 Reasons Why You Should Choose A Nuru Massage

A Nuru Massage is the ultimate in sensory stimulation. Naughty, nice, slippery, sensational pleasure! It exudes an air of mystery, being a relatively new kid to the block, but the reasons to opt for Nuru Massage as your treatment of choice are plentiful.  

1. Fulfill Your Fantasies

Indulge in all your greatest fantasies as your masseuse drenches your naked body and hers with special Nuru gel and uses her entire nude form to slide and glide across yours. Her focus is purely on your pleasure and she will know exactly which areas to focus on to stimulate sensual feelings and take you to great heights. Plus you can hand pick your masseuse from a bevy of beautiful women.

2. It’s Good For Your Skin

Nuru gel is thick and super slippery and is full of nutrients and vitamins that leave your skin feeling soft, supple and invigorated. The traditional formula uses Nori seaweed as its main ingredient, with extracts of aloe vera, chamomile and grapefruit. It is odourless and colourless so doesn’t leave any marks or stains and is suitable for all skin types. Nuru gel is an antioxidant and highly moisturising so it is really good for your skin and is the perfect natural alternative to the more traditional massage oils and creams..

3. Guaranteed Pleasure

The silky texture of the Nuru gel creates a totally new, phenomenally exciting experience. Every tip and curve of your masseuse’s body will cover your own, without any friction. Enjoy a seamless, exhilarating touch which allows for maximum connection between you and your masseuse. It is both erotic and sensual, creating a feeling of intimacy and satisfaction like no other. 

4. Exciting And New

If you’re a massage regular but always stick to the same treatment, this is your chance to branch out to something new and exciting. Nuru is unlike any other type of massage. It is designed for optimum glide and an all-new experience. Broaden your horizons and your opportunity for superior satisfaction with this unique technique. 

5. Anytime, Anywhere

Our masseuses are available for incall and outcall and offer treatments from 11am until midnight, daily. So you can time your massage to fit perfectly in between appointments at the most convenient time for you. Nuru Massage is a great stress reliever as it allows total relaxation. And because it fits in with your busy schedule, you can focus on enjoying the experience, not watching the clock.

6. Develops Self-Confidence

Getting naked and slithery with a stranger requires a certain level of self confidence. There’s also a real element of trust involved due to the intimacy of being so close together for a prolonged period of time. But the act itself is fantastic for boosting self confidence, for you are indulging in what makes you feel good and taking control of your own pleasure.

7. Celebrate Your Senses!

There is rarely a need to reapply Nuru gel during a massage because of its thick, long lasting, slippery tactility. This means your masseuse can maximise body to body contact and instead concentrate on teasing and tantalising your entire body, creating a wonderful explosion of the senses that is second to none.


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