The Truth About Tantra

The Truth About Tantra: Dispelling Myths

Tantric massage uses a combination of stimulation and relaxation to enhance pleasure and provide an uplifting, all-encompassing sensual experience. Although tantric massage is not a new therapeutic choice for many, some people are wary of the idea and of the practice due to popular myths and misconceptions. So what is the truth about tantra? Let’s dispel the myths.

Does Tantric Massage End With Sexual Intercourse?

In a simple word, no. Actually, tantric massage is not a sexual service at all but it is often misrepresented. Tantric massage actually focuses entirely on the passive receiver and the goal is their pleasure, rather than their climax. Though climax is possible, it is not the aim of the massage. 

A tantric massage aims to harness your sexual energy for healing and pleasure, to reinvigorate your body and clear your mind to allow you to feel calm contentment,

Is Tantric Massage Illegal?

Tantric massage is completely legal because the massages offered are based entirely upon two or more consenting adults. There are a number of strict laws within adult industries – and rightly so – in order to protect all involved. However, tantric massage is a service paid for by a willing participant, whether nude or clothed. Tantric masseuses tend to be discreet in order to be respectful and protect clients, not because they are hiding from the law.

Is Tantric Massage Just For Men?

Women can gain just as much pleasure from a tantric massage as a man. A tantric female massage can be empowering and uplifting for a woman looking for an opportunity to relax and take control of their sexual fulfilment. It often brings a newfound self confidence and awareness of their needs and desires. A female specific tantric massage is known as a yoni massage, which stimulates the  vagina and surrounding erogenous zones.

Can A Tantric Massage Spread HIV?

HIV can only be spread through direct sexual intercourse. Tantric massage is not a sexual act and cannot spread HIV. Skin to skin contact is absolutely safe.

Is Tantric Massage Only For Young People?

Age does not impede learning or pleasure. If you wish to indulge in tantra, or learn some tantric skills, the number of years that you have lived on the planet shouldn’t interfere with that. Broad minds and willingness to try something new is not just for young people – the popular saying “you can’t teach an old dog new tricks” doesn’t apply with tantra. If you want to invest time in your sexual wellbeing and experience new intimacy, communication and connection, then try a tantric massage – no matter what age you are!

Do You Need To Have Previous Meditation Or Yoga Experience For Tantra?

There is a misconception that in order to practice tantra successfully you need to be flexible and strong and be able to contort into unusual positions. This isn’t true. All tantric movements allow the body to flow freely and in a relaxed state. There is no requirement of previous experience in yoga or meditation, although this knowledge will aid your ability to focus clearly on the art of relaxation and feel every stroke from your talented masseuse. Tantric massage is available to all – anyone with an open-minded approach to life.

Is A Tantric Massage Cheating On Your Partner?

It is important to reiterate here that a tantric massage is not a sexual act. Tantric services allow clients to recapture the thrill and pleasure of a physical relationship. By choosing a tantric massage service you are often working to keep a relationship alive, learning new ways to reconnect with your partner and with your own sensual energy. For couples who wish to take this journey together, a couples massage is a fantastic way to experiment and create a deeper sexual connection in a safe haven of pleasure.

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