Day In The Life Of A Tantric Masseuse

A Day in the Life of a Tantric Masseuse

As our girls exude a wonderful air of mystery alongside their beauty, we thought you might like an insight into the typical day in the life of a tantric masseuse…

It’s 10am and I wake up to a warm and inviting message from one of our lovely receptionists, Nikki, “Good Morning Ladies! I hope you’re all keeping nice and warm in this cold weather. Please let me have your availability for today and let’s have a great day. Lots of love xxx.”

Feeling uplifted by the prospect of an exciting day ahead, I send over my availability. I will be on 12pm-5pm today, for outcalls.

Time to prepare so that I am ready to leave the house at a moment’s notice when one of our lovely clients ask for a massage. After exfoliating, shaving and a fresh shower, I start to blow dry my hair. As I am drying my hair, I can’t help but wonder how today will unravel. Will it be that my client wants a body-to-body massage? A nuru massage? A soapy aqua massage? Will my client be so taken with his experience that he adds an extra-lingam massage to our time together? Or even a prostate massage? The options are endless; leaving me intrigued and excited to see how the day pans out.

After putting on my make-up and curling my hair, I have packed my bag for the day: a nice pair of black heels to extenuate my legs; a red, lace lingerie bodysuit, massage oil and candles. The best part about my massage oil is that it’s also a natural body moisturiser, so after doing an amazing sensual massage, I get the added bonus of silky-smooth skin and so does the client – an added bonus to both our experiences.

It isn’t long before I get my first booking of the day. The phone rings – “Hi lovely, I’ve got a body-to-body massage booking for you. Our gorgeous client is at the Intercontinental. Can you get there as soon as possible? It is one of our regulars – a lovely Australian pilot!”

I’m ready and out the door to my Uber within a matter of minutes. I’m excited and intrigued to see how this body-to-body massage will be and who I’m going to meet.

I arrive and go straight to the room number – my client greets me with a big smile and a hug. Our initial conversation reveals that he normally does body-to-body massages but also loves a foot fetish massage. I ask my client if he would like to go for a shower to freshen up, which he does. We always start every massage with a shower.

I send a quick message to Nikki to say I’ve arrived and then I start to ready the room, setting up the bed for a sensual massage. I turn down the lights, light some aromatic candles and turn on my mini speaker so I can play some relaxing music.

My client comes back and immediately hands me an envelope with what is owed. I get him comfortable on the bed, before disappearing for a quick shower myself and slipping into something a bit sexier.

I am out now, hair down, adorned in a lacy lingerie bodysuit. The music and lighting is calming and serene. My client is laid face down on the bed in the nude, ready for this amazing tantric experience. And so, I begin.

Massaging his feet and legs I work my way up his body slowly, incorporating my glorious body oil, before starting the erotic massage. I get onto the bed and kneel onto him with his leg in between mine. A loving mix of light strokes and firm massaging; as always, the body-to-body massage is sensual, loving and intimate.

I undo my lingerie and pull it off of me, now also in the nude. The body to body experience is exactly as it is described. Pouring oil down my body, I transition to rubbing my breasts against his buttocks and up his back then down again, gliding along his form with my whole being. I can hear his breath getting deeper and more relaxed yet he is left on the edge. After multiple light strokes, body-to-body movement and sensual massaging, I get him to turn around to lying on his back.

I’m often asked if I would consider doing ‘extra’ for more money as part of the massage, but always politely decline. Tantric massage is enough of an experience for most clients. In relaxing and giving over to the sensations derived from the soft touch of the massage, the client finds exhilaration in itself.

I continue to use my entire body to massage him everywhere until he cries out in euphoria. I grab him a towel and dry him off. Well rested now – no doubt he will be having a very good nap after this.

I discreetly go to the bathroom to shower and get ready to leave. When I come back into the room to give him a kiss on the cheek and a hug goodbye, he graciously thanks me for a wonderful experience and tips me generously. As I leave, he thanks me again for making him feel relaxed. A wonderful experience all round.

As I leave the room, I message Nikki to tell her I’ve left and how great he was. She messages me a few minutes later saying she messaged the client to see how it was and he responded “She was AMAZING! The technique, the warmth, the class; what a lovely experience. Looking to book her again possibly tomorrow.”

Now it’s already almost time to end my day with Forever Tantric, I wait at a nearby wine bar with a nice glass of Shiraz for the last 30 minutes to see if I will be called in. It’s nearing 5pm and I have a message from Nikki again. “Your client loved your massage so much he’s already asked if he can book you in for 1pm tomorrow to try a Nuru massage with you! Are you free?” Of course! I am already looking forward to it!

What a great end to my day with Forever Tantric, I’m already looking forward to tomorrow.

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