Best Type Of Tantric Massage

What’s The Best Type Of Tantric Massage For Me?

Tantric massage brings great joy for many but if you are dipping your toe in for the first time, entering a new world of pleasure can be overwhelming. There are so many wonderful options on our massage menu that it can be hard to know what to go for. So, here at Forever Tantric, we have put together a handy guide “What’s the best type of tantric massage for me?”

If you enjoy new sensations and want to maximise skin to skin contact, then Nuru Massage is your best bet. The thick slippery Nuru gel which gives this type of massage its name takes this body to body experience to a whole new level, with your masseuse gliding effortlessly over your naked form. The unique gel is so thick and slippery that there is no need to pause to reapply so you can guarantee maximum intimacy.

If you’ve had enough of being in charge and want to be submissive, then Tie And Tease Massage is perfect for you. Abandon the pressures of everyday life and leadership and instead surrender yourself to your beautiful masseuse. This dominatrix style massage allows you to lose yourself completely and do only as you are told. Let someone else take control and simply relax and enjoy. The racy suspense and tantalising touch is out of this world.

If you want to spice up your sex life and experience tantra with your lover, then Couples Massage could be the best type of tantric massage for you. Expand your horizons while you reconnect with your partner in a safe, gentle joint voyeurism experience allowing you to watch your lover receive pleasure at the same time as you do.

If you want some company and conversation as well as physical touch then Dinner and Massage is a winning combination for you. Our charming girls are intellectual, fun companions and a leisurely dinner and chat will set the stage for your sensual pleasure massage for dessert. A perfect evening.

If you have a secret obsession with toes and feet, then a Foot Fetish Massage will be right up your street. The best type of tantric massage for you, allows you to be loud and proud about your desires and focuses on using your masseuse using her feet to soothe away your stresses and bring you immeasurable pleasure.

If you are looking for a refreshing, calm and intimate experience, try our Soapy Massage. The act of your masseuse cleansing your whole body before your massage is all exposing and will help to improve self esteem and body confidence.

The best type of tantric massage for you is the one that makes you feel most relaxed and comfortable, which will ensure the greatest level of pleasure. But don’t limit yourself, try a few to make sure you’ve chosen the right option for you. Variety is the spice of life, after all!

You can check out a full list of our massage types here. Try one, try them all!

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