Indulge in a Luxury Lingam Massage

Free your mind: Indulge in a Luxury Lingam Massage London Service The Best A Man Can Get!

Our Luxury lingam massage London Service is revered for being The Holy Grail of all massages. After eight years of perfecting our services, our Dream Team of delectable Forever Tantric Masseuses will blow your mind with the most earth-shattering, heart-stirring Lingam London Massage.

What is a Lingam Massage?

In Tantra the Lingam is a Sanskrit word for male genitalia. It literally translates to ‘wand of light.’ In Tantric philosophy the lingam is approached with love, care and respect. It is considered an instrument through which pleasure and sexual energy can be channelled by a professional Masseuse. Since males are often the sexual performers in the majority of cultures, a Tantric Lingam Massage allows the male to experience pure gratification and sensual pleasure without the worry of pleasing his partner. Ironically orgasm is not the main aim. The objective is to encourage the male to fully relax and be receptive to a form of attention that is new to him. It is a veritable celebration of the senses and allows men to relinquish their control and allow the Masseuse to take full control of the entire journey.

The main aim of the Lingam Massage London Service is to release stress and provide the male recipient with immense pleasure. There is often a lot of sexual energy trapped within a man’s genitals, thus, the expert touch of an Elite Masseuse can stimulate and re-channel this sexual energy.

Benefits of a VIP Lingam Massage London Service

The benefits of such massage therapy are huge and it has been proven that on a  psychological, cerebral and physical level, issues can be healed. A Luxury London Lingam massage heals sexual dysfunctions such as erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation and impotence which affect many men today. As a result, a man’s self-esteem rockets and he has more confidence when it comes to performing with his partner in the bedroom. Other benefits include improved sleep, improvement in blood circulation, eliminating pent up tension as well as noticeable improvements in ejaculatory control which is most definitely a confidence booster for every man. As you can tell, it is a very empowering form of adult massage therapy.

At Forever Tantric we have fused the fine art of Tantric Massage techniques with the Lingam Massage. Our super sensual Elite Masseuses merge therapeutic massage, soft, soothing touch, Tantra teachings and nude body to body massage to bring you to a meditative state of ethereal bliss. An explosion of the senses, a tsunami of excitement. Our superb Team are celebrated for providing the most indulgent lingam massage London has to offer! Our Promise to you. By channelling the sexual flow of energy and pleasure through the lingam, provocative touch and seductive rhythmic feather-light strokes you are brought to the peak of orgasmic pleasure, however, slowly and with care your magnificant Masseuse guides you back down multiple times until you finally reach your grand finale – a mind-blowing full body orgasm. Such a life-changing and heart-stirring experience with a dynamite massage!

Thus, these London Lingam massages are all about sensual enlightenment and a grand celebration of the bodily senses. The aim is to build up the recipient’s arousal slowly and seductively which will free your mind from the pressures of life.

Points to Bear in Mind

Sampling several lingam London Massages will put you back in control by leaving with the ability to prolong your ejaculation! This is of paramount importance to men.<strong> </strong>This will, undoubtedly, improve your overall confidence.


Whilst your Masseuse performs your luxury lingam massage, it is crucial that as the receiver you breathe deeply. To maximise pleasure it is important that both the Masseuse and recipient breathe deeply and slowly unison. This helps in reaching a deeper level of relaxation and meditative state. It will also enhance a connection between the Masseuse and client, the massage giver has to tune in with her massage recipient.

Incall and Outcall Lingam Massage in London

At Forever Tantric we provide incall and outcall massages throughout London. There is no need to even step out of your London Hotel. Your masseuse therapist will arrive immaculately and conservatively dressed, shower upon arrival. Wearing nothing but a smile, she will make you feel completely at ease and pamper you from head to toe with a full body massage culminating in a perfect lingam massage ending. Some of our magical Masseuses provide in-house/incall massages in central London. The majority of ladies are based in Paddington, Marylebone, Soho, Kensington, Earls Court, Chelsea and Knightsbridge<strong>.</strong>

Relaxing/Keeping Him on the Edge

The first step to this form of sensual massage is to politely ask your client to lie on his front with a pillow propped under his head. He needs to lie down in such a manner that his legs are slightly spread apart and his knees bent slightly so the Masseuse has an unobstructed view of his genitalia. This massage entails a full body to body massage – the Masseuse slides her hands up and down and around his body. Penetrate his imagination with playful, seductive touch and caresses – this will increase the sexual energy flow throughout his body. As well as a sensual back massage, he will experience a luxurious head massage, a sensuous chest, thigh and foot massage. The whole body is incorporated. Massage the area around the receiver’s lingam, the perineum and testicles. As his excitement grows, shift your attention towards his shaft and with natural massage oil grip from hard to light and vice versa. It is important to vary the sequence: stroke his lingam up and down, alternate your hands, vary the speed of the strokes from slow to fast. Initially, it is best to utilise slow strokes with lubricating massage oil so as to build up the rhythm.  Shift the shaft strokes too. Start from the base to the top or from the head of the shaft to the base. Variety is the key. Undoubtedly the male recipient will be eager for that ‘sweet release.’ As a skilled Masseuse, you will know if he is reaching climax. When you notice he is at the very summit of excitement, that’s when you need to slow down and gently remind him to keep breathing deeply. It is all about prolonging his ejaculation until at last he is led into a rapturous state of orgasmic pleasure.

Why not add some sensual intimacy to your life and relish the pleasure of our Elite Lingam Massage London Service. Our Masseuses see gentlemen, ladies and couples from all cultures, and of all shapes and sizes. Have some confidence, take the plunge and take a break from life’s daily pressures. We welcome you to our World of Tantric Massage – Elite, sweet and discrete. A VIP Massage London Service you will always treasure. Phone our fabulously friendly and super helpful receptionist on: +44 (0) 203 504 6454 to arrange your London Lingam Massage TODAY! We are here to add pleasure to your life and bring you peace and happiness. Heidi xx

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