Sexual Massage Techniques for Couples

Sexual Massage Techniques for Couples

Couples Massage is a fantastic way to reconnect with your partner and create a new intimacy through  a shared experience. Touching together exposes vulnerability and requires a certain level of trust, especially when bringing a third person into the equation. In a couples massage, your masseuse will show the utmost professionalism and be sure to ask both parties about their needs, wants, desires and boundaries before proceedings begin.

But alongside our tantric therapy, you and your partner could try your own sexual massage techniques for couples. Relaxation, stimulation and closeness are the three key points to remember during any sensual encounter with another person. And there are a number of ways to achieve those three magic elements.

Firstly, be prepared! Have lids off massage oils, towels laid out and toys and props to hand so that you avoid any fragmentation and instead maintain a constant flow throughout.

Ensure the room is free from distraction. Turn off phones, tablets, computers and televisions. You want a scene of serenity and calm. Set the mood with lighting, music and sumptuous soft furnishings to create a haven of comfort and opulence. 

And allow yourself plenty of time. Erotic massage is slow and seductive and one of the best sexual massage techniques for couples is to ensure you touch every inch of your partner’s body, and then do it all over again. Take your time – indulge in your united nakedness and revel in the intimacy.

Use sexy words, but also safe words. Let your hair down and loosen your tongue with a teasing comment or suggestive remarks throughout. Fire up your partner with your words, but be sure to know if and when they want you to stop, with clear safe words to protect everyone involved.

In fact, be in tune with your partner’s response to your touch all the way through the massage. Note what they enjoy through their bodily writhing and involuntarily moans. Build suspense by using different touch pressure and saving the more obvious erogenous zones until last. Leave them hungry for more and keening into your magic strokes.

Start with effleurage, light touches to gently begin proceedings. This will give your partner a chance to acclimatise and get used to the feelings that touch may bring. Once you are both ready, try many different sexual massage techniques to spice it up a bit and vary the experience. Kneading will help soothe tired muscles and stretching will give a profound satisfaction to the recipient. If you both enjoy it, you could try percussion with fast moving hands and friction to remove even the deepest of knots. The varying pressure will also help build suspense.

Get creative! Use all your body parts to stimulate your partner. Introduce sensual toys and other inanimate objects that may aid in your teasing and touching too. And communicate. Tell your partner what you like and don’t like – or better still, show them! And once you’ve had all the pleasure you can take, swap roles and be the giver instead.

No doubt that these sexual massage techniques for couples will bring great comfort, intimacy and sensual joy to you and your partner, as well as reignite a sexual spark. And why not mix it up even further with a Couples Massage, for an expert take on tantric touch!

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