How To Give A Romantic Sexual Massage

How Do You Give A Romantic Sexual Massage?

It is vitally important for the health of your relationship to regularly be intimate with your partner so that you can avoid a sexual rut. One of the best ways to spice things up is with a loving, sensual massage to promote prolonged and uplifting touch – but how do you avoid it being awkward or unsuccessful?

We can give you plenty of tips with our popular Couples Massage. You can experience the art of tantric touch as a pair with one of our wonderfully talented masseuses leading the way – but maybe you’d prefer to try it in the comfort of your own home first.

So how do you give a romantic sexual massage?

Firstly it is important to set the mood so your partner can relax, unwind and feel comfortable. Plus, as you set the scene you’ll find you get in the mood too!

Create an oasis of calm and anticipation. Ensure that whichever room you choose is clean and free from clutter and that you have got low level lighting with lamps or tealights. This will provide a more flattering light for all, creating ambience and empowering confidence.

Prepare your massage oils and lay sheets or towels down to protect your surfaces – massage oil can be messy! Put on some soft, romantic music or scented candles to fill up your senses.

Consider having a bath together before you begin. Relax your muscles in the warm water and give yourselves time to unwind and let the day wash away so your mind is free to enjoy the pleasure ahead.

A bath will also ensure your hands are warm, soft and supple – cold hands can be startling for the recipient! Take a breath. Allow yourself to use this moment to reconnect with your partner. Gaze lovingly into each other’s eyes, hold hands, embrace.

Where to begin

When you begin your romantic sexual massage, start slowly, be gentle and use a featherlight touch. Focus on every inch of the body, not just the erogenous zones. Seek out the temples, trail your fingertips down the face and pause on the ears before you go elsewhere. Take time on the backs of their knees and give attention to the palms of their hands.

Once you have covered the whole body, use more purposeful, committed strokes and caresses. Touch and tease, and touch again. Listen to your partner’s body language and their verbal moans and don’t just limit your touch to your hands. Oil up your whole being and use your entire body to tantalise them!

Be unselfishly giving, as any masseuse is. It is not reciprocal, so expect nothing in return! Enjoy giving pleasure and seeing the joy it creates. 

And if you feel you want to add even more to your sensual encounters, consider our Couples Massage for an experience that will take your relationship to new heights. We have stunning tantric goddesses ready and waiting for your call – their tips and tricks will blow your mind. Don’t wait!

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