Why Tantra Is Important During Lockdown

Why Tantra Is Important During Lockdown

COVID-19 has changed our lives and limited our lifestyles more than we could have ever imagined. Living in a pandemic has tested human health – both physical and mental – and patience. 

Anxiety and worry – fear of what is to come and of the virus itself – has occupied many. It is during these strange and uncertain times that tantra and tantric acts really come into their own.

It has been proven that tantra can be used effectively and enjoyably to tackle anxiety, stress and improve your holistic health. If you are juggling trying to work from home, homeschooling and the worry of getting essential household items or contracting illness, tantra offers a rare opportunity for relaxation and centres you in the present. 

Unite as a couple

If you are isolating with your spouse or lover, then physical touch will help to boost intimacy at a time when you need it most. Touch is a primal sensation. Soothing strokes and arousing caresses can be an incredible stress reliever, helping you unwind. 

Skin to skin contact can help to release tension and massage can improve circulation, which is a major health boost, stimulating the production of white blood cells which protect the body against infectious disease.

Tantric touch can also help with tension headaches and muscle pain – often brought on by stress. Tension can make you hold yourself differently. This can negatively impact your posture and create aches and discomfort. Gentle, soothing massage can ease those pains.

Not only that but touch between you and your lover will make you feel closer together, more united and improve your connection with each other. Regular touch and loving gestures are likely to increase your libido. Furthermore, it will fulfill both physical and emotional need at a time of stress and uncertainty.

Improving your appetite for sexual activity is also likely to boost your self confidence and sexual confidence, as well as release any blocked sexual energy caused by previous negative experiences or the inability to relax and let go.

Self isolation and mental wellbeing

Emotional fulfilment is important during lockdown for your mental health and wellbeing. Whether you are alone or with company, use this unexpected time at home to work on your breathing skills and meditation. Consider what is important to you and reevaluate your lifestyle. Breathing techniques can help you to clear your mind and refocus your energies. Thus creating a state of tranquility and calm when you may be struggling with anxiety or dealing with things outside of your control.

If you are self isolating and getting fed up with your own company, why not learn a new skill. Perhaps try giving yourself a prostate massage or yoni massage – we have numerous blog posts detailing how and why these massage types can benefit your health and wellbeing. Always use clean hands and perform these massages in safe and clean environments.

In improving your understanding of your own body and what brings it pleasure and fulfilment, you will gain newfound confidence and self esteem. See your body as a pleasure tool, a way to enjoy yourself during lockdown and learn more about who you are and how you tick.

And when this is all over, our incredible masseuses will be just here waiting for you!

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