What Causes A Foot Fetish

What is the cause of a Foot Fetish?

For some it is a peachy bottom that sends their heart a flutter, for others it is perky breasts or lithe legs. For some it is feet, ankles or toes – also known as a Foot Fetish. 

Very common but often unjustly misunderstood, a Foot Fetish is the pure admiration of feet, to the point that the fetishist finds sexual pleasure in playing with, licking, sucking, looking at or stimulating feet.

Those with a Foot Fetish will choose to add the element of feet to all sensual activity, whether in massage, solo stimulation, foreplay or actual penetration.

But what is the cause of a Foot Fetish?

There are a number of conversation starters surrounding this question. The answer is that there are many different causes of, or reasons behind, a Foot Fetish.

Some experts believe it may derive from an early sexual experience in which you have experienced pleasure using feet and, therefore, made an erotic association in your brain linking feet to pleasure.

Others believe that it is the fact that feet are seen as dirty and smelly and therefore it would be wrong to sexualise them that causes people to do just the opposite. The naughty, forbidden element surrounding seeing feet as a sensual, sexual body part makes them all the more attractive.

For many men with a foot fetish it is the act of submission that brings the thrill. Touching feet or being at a dominating partner’s feet in a submissive act will bring a feeling of surrender and giving in to greater authority and power – a huge turn on for many. With that comes an explainable love of feet and their symbolism in that scenario.

With all of these reasons comes the idea that a Foot Fetish is a learned behaviour, stemming from an experience of great pleasure or anticipation of pleasure which tells the brain that good things come from feet! 

But in some cases it may not have done. A Foot Fetishist may not always recall a memory of where the joy of feet came from and perhaps it has always just been part of what makes them tick, brings them happiness or tranquility.

Or is it a subconscious interpretation of fairytales told in childhood – the positive influence of shoes in stories such as Cinderella – which focused on joy stemming from the fit of a glass slipper on a perfectly preened princess pod – or The Wizard of Oz and Dorothy’s magical red slippers which brought power and joy.

It could be down to more modern research in which scientists realised that the brain  has genitalia and feet sitting very closely together in the brain mapping of body parts so a neurological crossover could be cited.  

It was said by world famous neurologist and the founder of psychoanalysis Sigmund Freud that people sexualize feet because they resemble penises. Perhaps some foot fetishists would agree. Perhaps not.

But with feet frequently having the vital role of carrying us through life and, therefore, carrying life’s load, it is no wonder they are seen as something to be celebrated! 

We have five Foot Fetish expert masseuses ready and waiting to tantalise you with their toes.

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