The Health Benefits of a Prostate Massage

The Health Benefits of a Prostate Massage

Often men disregard the ‘Sacred Spot’ prostate massage due to social negativity, but they are missing out. Not only are there numerous health benefits of a prostate massage, but the experience offers a pleasurable thrill and feeling of utter liberation like no other.

The prostate is a small round gland found about an inch in diameter located under the male bladder. It is hugely sensitive to touch and so incredibly receptive to massage, that it brings immeasurable sensual satisfaction. It can be stimulated externally but results are more magnificent through internal stimulation.

The mystery surrounding the intimately erotic Sacred Spot creates a scintillating suspense element for first time recipients and has many coming back for more. 

But it’s not just about the fun and frivolous element – it can also improve your health. 

A prostate massage can ease any blockages of fluid in your system that may be causing painful ejaculation. These small obstructions can actually create real discomfort and self consciousness for many men, which can often be eliminated entirely by a gentle massage of the prostate gland by your understanding, magic handed masseuse.

The Sacred Spot massage has also historically been used to treat erectile dysfunction.  Successful stimulation of the prostate gland can clear the prostatic duct and improve blood flow, allowing men to regain previous sexual prowess and improve their confidence and enjoyment. Prostate massage is often used alongside more modern, clinical treatment to increase the longevity of an erection and improve a sexual experience for men.

A swollen prostate gland can also cause painful urination or an interference with urine flow. Sacred spot massage can reduce swelling and, therefore, improve urinary flow. Gentle stimulation can also interrupt infection in the area, bringing relief to men suffering any sort of discomfort brought about by prostatitis symptoms. 

Prostate massage is often credited for easing the pressure brought on by prostatitis, which is renowned for creating pain in the groin and pelvic area. 

And, as with all tantric massage and therapy, a Sacred Spot experience further heightens your sexual pleasure and can bring invaluable improvement to your mental wellbeing through improved body confidence, self esteem and sexual awareness. 

This erotic experience relies wholly on the recipient’s willingness to surrender themselves to pleasure and to be open minded and communicative about what brings them sensual fulfilment.

Sacred Spot stimulation often culminates in ejaculation, however this is not its purpose and while its explosive nature is celebrated in tantric massage, it is not a sexual act. 

The practice of prostate massage can be difficult to achieve alone, and bring little enjoyment or improvement of medical conditions. Although some men will attempt to relieve any uncomfortable symptoms themselves, or with some help from a partner, their most exhilarating caresses and extraordinary experiences come from expert tantric temptress using all her masterful and seductive techniques to ensure an erotic journey to an incredible end.

Forever Tantric boasts five amazing Sacred Spot masseuses for you to choose from. Who will you pick?

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