How to do a Tie and Tease Tantric Massage

How To Do A Tie & Tease Tantric Massage

High powered, stressful jobs mean you are often in charge, striving forward with confidence and authority, leading the way and making important decisions.

When that’s the case, it’s no wonder that surrendering yourself is the epitome of relaxation for many. The feeling of giving in to all that is coming your way is hugely liberating and deeply fulfilling.

That’s why a Tie and Tease massage is a popular choice for many of our clients.

But what is a tie and tease massage? And how can you perform one on your partner?

What Is A Tie & Tease Massage?

A Tie and Tease Tantric Massage is the art of tying up a partner and then stimulating and arousing them through tantric touch until they are in a state of high arousal and pure pleasure.

The submissive partner is tied by the dominating partner and teased as they see fit – they will be at the complete mercy of their partner for the whole massage, and have no choice but to allow them to touch, tease and please you however they choose.

If you’re the one receiving the massage you will be able to do nothing but lie helplessly and experience each new sensation as it happens, and relinquish full control to your partner which can be a fantastic way for a couple to bring some excitement into their relationship.

How To Do A Tie & Tease Massage

This type of massage relies heavily on trust and helplessness.

Before you start any form of restraint, there should be a detailed understanding between both parties and often the introduction of a safe word to stop play at any time.

Once you have agreed on your ground rules and how you want to proceed, it is down to the giver to tie up the receiver in some way, usually by bounding their wrists or ankles, or both. Often, sensory items such as silk scarves are used for a more gentle, soft approach to this form of stimulation, but items such as handcuffs and ropes are also commonly chosen as ties for those who prefer an edgier experience.

After the receiver is securely tied, the focus is on the teasing.

More often than not, this is where the classic, body to body massage techniques come into play in short, sharp bursts to stretch out sensations and optimise tension and excitement. Sensual strokes and blissful, teasing caresses from an authoritative, masterful sexy and enticing source.

A blindfold can also be used to heighten the senses and encourage the receiver to explore their submissive side further. Surrender willingly to someone else’s control and let your mind run wild into your greatest fantasies, while you are stimulated repeatedly and without relief. 

The passive partner is able to totally relax, with no expectation or requirement to move or return the touch, giving them the opportunity to fully embrace every sensation. The suspense and anticipation only increase the effect of the massage, when the masseuse does finally touch and caress, using their hands or inanimate erotic objects.

If this is your first foray into Tie and Tease Massage, be brave and be willing.

Your dominating mistress will be strict, but allow her to set the pace of your experience, relinquish control, trust and unwind. And as you gain confidence in your teased and tantalised state, your intimacy and the experimental journey will evolve further, with new suggested sexy scenarios to match all your wildest dreams.

Step away from the stress and pressure of life and let yourself be taken to new erotic euphoria with the Tie and Tease Massage.

Allow your masseuse to take the reins and rule over your pleasure.

You never know, you might just enjoy it!

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